Burned Love

Rebecca meets her best friends cousin and band mates and their will be love stories.


3. Jealous

Rebecca's P.O.V :

We we're sitting on the couch watching telly. I'm really attracted to Harry. He's such a sweetheart and plus hot. I think Abby and Ni are getting close. Their cuddling on the couch. Aww, so cute. I cuddled near to Louis in a friendly way. He wrapped his arms around me and I leaned on his chest. He was stoking my hair. I think I really like Louis, but in a best friend way. Like my friendship with Abby. Harry looked upset. He was watching us and when he saw me he turned. I'm quiet shocked. He's always so happy and sweet. But not now. He was now texting like this morning. 

"I'm going to my girlfriend's house." He said. Now I was broken. I tried not to tear up. I was sniffling quietly and pat my hands on my eyes and wiped my tears away. Thank goodness I wasn't wearing mascara. He has a girlfriend and he kissed  me. but it was just a dare. I gave up and ran into my room. Someone followed me, it was Louis. We entered the room and we closed the door behind us. I sat on the edge of my bed my head in my hands. My hands we're wet from the tears. He pat his arms around me. 

"He likes you." He whispered into my ear. It wasn't true. he has a girl for him and why would he be interested in some girl like me. I mean hair eyes.. and everything. I did a ponytail and washed my face. I got back downstairs and saw Harry with a familiar girl. Wait... Molly Stanford. My bully when I was little. She's so mean. She was wearing the shortest dress I've ever seen. She gave me death glares and smiled innocently back to Harry. I grimaced and sat back next to Abby. She was making out with Harry the whole time. I was throwing 'Eww' faces and glances. I ran to my room and opened my laptop. I checked my twitter @RebeccaOlson Why did you ran upstairs me and @Harry_Styles are having lots of fun xx Ugh, I hate her. I almost broke my laptop.

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