Burned Love

Rebecca meets her best friends cousin and band mates and their will be love stories.


1. Hanging Out

Rebecca's P.O.V: 

I was in my house totally bored. I was lost in my thoughts when my mom showed up. "Honey, I'm going to work take care of Mary." I nodded and sighed. She was making me to pay attention to my horrific 15 years old sister. I heard the door closing and I leaned on my bed. Mary jumped on the door. "Mary what the heck !" I said catching my breath. "Can I invite Christa please please please." She said annoyingly. "Fine." I mumbled. I took her to the living room and she sat down and took her phone from the counter. I decided to make snacks and groceries. Wait ! I needed help. I grabbed my phone and dialed Abby's number. She was my best friend sister forever. 

Phone Conversation: 

"Hello ?" 

"Hey Abs ! Can you come over and help me with my sister ?

"Yeah, I'd love too but I have my cousin and his four band mates."

"Let them come too. We'll have fun."

"Okay, see you later Kitty-Cat." 

End of the conversation. 

I sighed happily and started making snacks. Nachos, Ice cream, strawberries and chocolate ... When I was done I heard a knock on the door. I opened it and saw Christa. Mary hugged her as I did too. They ran to Mary's room and I rolled my eyes. There was a second knock. I opened it and saw Abby and 5 attracting boys.

"Hey girl." I said and hugged Abby. "May I present you my cousin Harry." she said pointing to a curly haired green attractive eyes guy. I smiled and shook his hand. "And this is his 4 band mates : Liam, Niall, Zayn and Louis." 

"Nice to meet you guys." I said smiling. They all got down on the couch. We started talking about random stuffs. I was really close to Louis. He was like my almost close friend. 

"How about Truth or Dare ?" Louis said smirking. I nodded it'll be fun. We sat in a circle. I was in between Harry and Louis. "Okay, Kitty truth or Dare ?" Louis said. "Um... Dare." He smirked. "I dare you to kiss Harry." He said. Now I was probably like a tomato. We leaned slowly, I closed my eyes and felt his lips on mine. In like 10 seconds, Liam clapped and stopped us. I felt a flash in me. Mary was taking pictures. Oh my god mom is gonna kill me. "MAAARRRYYY !" I said angrily. We started to run in all the house and the guys we're bursting out of laughter.  





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