Burned Love

Rebecca meets her best friends cousin and band mates and their will be love stories.


4. Confused

Molly's P.O.V :

I was making this girl melt. I loved it, I really like Harry and his mine whatever. I'm getting her die from her pain because Harry choose me. Only me. That ugly bitch better walk away. And this Abby things, I'm choosing one of my bitches to get close to Niall. I'm  so hot and evil. I decided to attract Harry by taking him to my place my plan is twisty but awesome. 

Rebecca's P.O.V : 

I decided to go for a walk. Suddenly I bumped into some red hair girl.

"Oh I'm so sorry." I said helping her with bags.

"No worries." She said smiling. "I'm Alexia." I shook her hand. She's nice and kind unlike Molly. She'll be perfect for Zayn. "So, where do you live ?" I asked her. "Um, In Manchester." She said fixing her hair. "Oh I live a few feets away from here wanna hang out ?" I said smiling. She nodded. 

???'s P.O.V:

Oh I'm so gonna get him. As Molly told me, their gonna faint. I smiled evilly and turned back.


Rebecca's P.O.V :

Me and Alexia headed back home. I saw the boys and Abby but Harry and Molly weren't. I knew it. "Hey, Cat." Zayn said. I smiled and introduced Alexia to everyone. It was 7:00 PM, we decided to make dinner before they go home. As I knew Harry and Molly we're in my guest room. I maybe should cleaned up after that. I was angry but fake smiling. We we're making chicken, fries, salad and steaks. Niall was trying to eat them but Abby slapped him on the hand. I laughed, a real one and I was supposed to call Harry and Molly. I headed upstairs opened the door and saw Molly on top of Harry, almost naked. 

"Um, guys, sorry for interrupting but dinner is ready." I said turning around. Harry looked sorry but I was so done with those feelings. I will try to have a boyfriend. I closed the door and headed downstairs. The table was ready and it was so delicious. I sat next to Louis and Zayn. We started chatting before eating when Molly and Harry came downstairs. I looked away and took my fork. I ate not talking to anyone. Molly was trying to make-out with Harry but he was eating. I smirked quietly, and turned back to food. Alexia was... WHAT ?!! She was flirting with Niall. Abby looked broken. I was so confused, Alexia looked nice in the first place. Maybe it was a friendly way. I don't know. 

Harry's P.O.V : 

I can't believe Rebecca saw me and Molly. I don't have feelings for Molly anymore. She just wanna do dirty stuffs. I hate it, we can't just go to a park of something. But she is sensitive and if I broke up with her she would be broken. But I'm in love with Rebecca. Love at first sigh. I need to talk to anyone... Abby. 

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