people make many mistakes.....


2. Simon's here now

Simon's pov- I get a phone call from Zaynthat said

" you need to get here to Shels and Chloes house now"!

I replied." why are you guys ok????"

" were ok i promise just get over here I have a suprise for you its the best suprised in the whole wide world". Zayn replied.

" Ill be there in 20minutes." I replied.

"ok" Zayn replied.

So I am on my way to Shels and Chloes house too see what the suprise is because they told me to get there ASAP I think that its about Shel but I have no clue.

(10minutes later) I am in the driveway right now and Shel has a scared look on her face. So I asked " whats this about?"

Harry answered " Shel can sing better than Nandos and Demi Lavoto".

I asked Shel "can you sing?" She just shurgged like I dont know if im that good. So I asked her to sing and she sang a country song. As she started I was just wowed.

" Your little hands wrapped around my finger and its so quiet in the world tonight your little eyelids flutter cause you're dreamin' so i tuck you in and turn your favorite night light too you everythings funny you got nothing to regret Id give all I had hunny If you could stay like that oooooh darlin dont you ever grow up dont you ever grow up you can stay that little." she finished I was in disbelife.

Shel's pov- Did i just sing for Simon Cowell? He had a look like you are going to be famous any minute now. I now feel acomplished because now he knows that I can sing now I will always love Harry forever. If it wasnt for Zayn I wouldnt be infront of Simon right now.  

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