people make many mistakes.....


3. I really sang for him

Harrys pov- my girl can actually sing. She has never sang in front of me before. I knew that if i can sing my girl can sing. Shel thinks that she cant sing but that a big lie she sounds amazing. After she sang infront of Simon she ran to her room.

"Where did Shel go?" Simon asked me.

"She went to her room." I replied.

"Holy crap Shel can sing." Niall said.

" If there was a singing competition between Shel and Demi Lavato Shel would win!" I replied. I went to her room and opend the door. She was breathing heavily like she sang infront of her crush.

Shels pov- I cant belive that he thought I was really good all I can think of is my dream ever commig true. But I have been singing in choir for about the last 2-3 years. All my friends used to say was you are a great singer, you should try out for xfactor. And people who thought I couldnt sing made me wanna give up even more. But what Liam said is true never give up and keep trying. The haters of my singing said dont sing, then this one girl she said im a professional so listen to me you can either take my advice or you can sound like crap.
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