people make many mistakes.....


1. Chloes birthday

Chloe's pov- I was dating Liam Payne from one direction. He is the best boyfriend in the whole wide world. I have three sisters Shel, Becca, and Mikayla. Shel is 18, Becca is 17, and Mikayla is 16, and I am turning 18 today. I heard my name comming from the living room so I jumped out of bed and ran as fast as I could down the stairs.

" Hey Chloe here's your birthday present from Liam, and the boys". Shel said. I ran and got the envelope from shel. I opend it up and it had 5 back stage tickets for tonights concert. Shel, Becca, Mikayla, and Maria came along too.( I love my Liam, Shel loves her Harry, Becca loves her Zayn, Mikayla loves her Niall, and Maria loves her Louis.) Later that night we met the guys backstage. I went too wait in what seemed as the longest line ever. We waited at the end of the line we were excited too see them because we hadn't seen them in a month. After the people in front of us went then left I ran up to Liam and he had the biggest smile in the whole wide world.

Liam's pov- It was Chloe's birthday and I wasn't going to miss it for anything in the whole world. She even told me that I was the best boy friend in the whole wide world. So for her birthday present I gave it to Shel to give it to Chloe. The present was Back stage tickets to tonights concert. Hazza really wanted to ask Shel out on a real date. So I gave Chloe 5 tickets. When she got here she brought Shel, Becca, Mikayla, and Maria.

~ Skipping the Concert~

(still Liams pov)After the concert we all went out to eat to Nandos after dinner we all went to Shel and Chloe's house. We all decided to watch Toy Story1,2, &3. Then after all of thoes movies we decided to watch Final Destination. There were really scary parts where Chloe hid her face in my chest. Becca and Mikayla were laughing during the whole entire movie.

Harry's pov- I really like Shel, she is like the Funniest, nicest, and most responsible girl on Earth. I love Shel more than anythingin the world even my laptop. I was talking to Shel during the whole movie I asked her

" Shel do you wanna go on a date with me?" she replied

" No I like you and all but I don't want the date to be like the last date I went on."

I asked " What happend?"

" My date was a butt hole he was flirting with the waitress and asked me too pay for half of the date. Then I left him to pay it all."

I replied " The date will be awesome I promise."

She replied " Ok then I will go on a date with you."

Shel's pov- Did Harry just ask me out? He told Liam to give Chloe the tickets. Maybe I should go out with him he is Sweet, and nice.

" Harry can I Please?" I asked.

" Yeah."he replied.

" I will go on a date with you." I told him. His eyes widend.

" I love you Shel" he said.

I replied " I love you more."

Out of no where he asked me " Can you sing?"

I replied " Yeah". I blushed alot as I said that.

" I want to hear you sing". he said smiling.

" thats the funny part I dont like to sing infront of people." I complained. He took my hand and led me to a closet, and closed the door while turning the light on.

" Now Sing". he demanded smiling. I closed my eyes and began

" Lets dance in style lets dance for a while heaven can wait were only watching the skies hopin' for the best but expecting the worst are you gonna drop the bomb or not? Let us die young or live forever we dont have the powere but we never say never sitting in a sand pit lifeis a short trip the music's for the sad man forever young I wanna be forever young". I sang. Then opended my eyes to find all of the guys staring in amazement.

"That was so much better than Nandos!" Niall said smiling.

"I'm calling Simon!" Zayn said while taking out his phone out.

"I'm not that good of a singer." I told the boys.

" Simon will be here in 20minutes." Zayn said.

" ok then" I said in a scared voice.


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