The Last Moon Dragon

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CAUTION: TWO YEAR OLD DRAFT VERSION. FULL OF SPELLING MISTAKES AND OTHER GRAMMATICAL ERRORS. "The kingdom of Heriven isn't exactly the best place to live. Ruled by a twisted King and a power-hungry Baron, the poor exist to serve the rich. Attacks from other kingdoms have finally ceased over hundreds of years, but only because of a bigger problem. Other places have infestations of lice and vermin, Heriven has dragons. Although there has not been a dragon sighted in the kingdom for over a decade, and the people are at ease, it won't be long before it all changes, and a legendary dragon shall make its reappearance...This was voted best Fantasy Movella 2012


58. The Golden Light

Ocello ran forward and quickly swept both of them up, tears springing to her eyes. No. She'd cried enough already today. They had known that the dragon was old and the last of its kind, and something in the sadness was extremely peaceful - an old spirit and creature was finally at rest, just like Ophelia.

She clutched the stone and scale, and smiled. Kytra hugged her from behind, and Fletch and Pike soon after. Sethlore breathed out a wave of warming steam, and there was silence between them all that was both happy and sad. They broke apart, but Pike held onto Ocello's hand. She was startled, but she didn't let go, either. Fletch smirked to himself. He knew it. He had known it from the start.

Kytra bowed towards Ocello. "Sethlore would like me to say that he is proud to have protected the rightful Queen of Heriven when she is seemingly in mortal danger, and he is very happy that she chose not slay him."

They all laughed.

"But he would also like me to say that the moon dragon was right, and we are almost out of time. We must get back to Heriven. Sethlore can fly us there."

"Aren't you afraid of the archers and the Baron?" said Fletch.

The dragon grumbled.

"He says he does fear them, but would like to do the Queen and her allies one last good deed before bidding them...farewell."

"Then we must go." said Pike.

Climb on my back, the dragon growled.


The late dawn broke as the dragon flew over the boundary of the forest. It was extremely strange not to be surrounded by trees any more, and Ocello felt a sense of freedom, despite being back in the place that had kept her a prisoner. She was the rightful ruler. She knew that now. It was the only thing she could think about. She sat side-saddle on the dragon's back, watching the misery beneath her. She was holding the stone and the scale tightly in her pocket.

Pike sat behind her holding the law. He couldn't bear to look at the village, much less the castle. He presumed his father to be dead - for nobody survived in the dungeons.

Fletch and Kytra sat with their back to each other, staring down at the Kingdom is despair. The light started to lift as the morning sun broke through the clouds, spilling out beautiful golden light.

"Look." said Fletch. "That's encouraging, right?"

Ocello laughed.

"Sethlore wants to know if he should land at the castle." said Kytra.

"No. We go to the manor first - please." said Ocello, patting Sethlore's scales. He grunted and turned sharply.


Sethlore landed a little way from the manor, on the dusty track.

"He says it would not be wise for him to be in the view of others." said Kytra. "I suppose we must bid him goodbye here."

They all jumped to the floor. Sethlore stood over them, looking down sadly. He didn't want to leave them.

Surprisingly, Ocello came forward first. She bowed deeply and thanked the dragon. He bowed his head as if to say you're welcome.

Fletch and Pike followed Ocello, until finally, it was Kytra's turn to say goodbye. Her eyes watered.

Do not cry, I am not dead! I have many more years to live, I think. And if you succeed, maybe I can come back to you. I will always be in the forest, and you know how to call for me. I will always be of service, should you need it.

And I will always be of yours, Sethlore.

Perhaps I shall keep my name after all. It is rather grand, and I do like it.

Kytra laughed, and stroked the dragon's snout. He closed his eyes at her touch, and then he departed, beating his wings hard. He turned back to look at them one last time, and they waved. They were on their own now, but they were determined.

"I have to find Agatha." Ocello said. "I can only hope she doesn't die of shock when she sees I am alive."

The four of them walked down the track, rubbing their eyes but always moving forward.

"Is it just me, or do the trees look greener," said Fletch, quizzically.

"Yes, I suppose they do. And look - !" said Pike, pointing. A tiny patch of bluebells was sprouting out of the side of the track.

"It's like the forest knows something's different..." said Kytra, wistfully. She darted forward and plucked the bluebells from the earth, her spindly fingers moving fast. She wove them together to form a crown. Jumping up, she placed it on Ocello's head.

"A crown for the Queen," she said, smiling.

"Thank you. I have to say, it's more comfortable than anything I've worn before," said Ocello, smiling back weakly.

"We're here." said Pike, quietly.

"What's that shape in the window?" asked Kytra, suddenly fearful.

Ocello's eyes widened in realisation. She ran to the door just as it opened. Agatha stood, her mouth agape and her eyes wide. She was much thinner than Ocello remembered, but her face was still the same. There were already tears dripping down her cheeks.

"I'm dreaming," she said. "I'll wake up any minute and it will be night. You're not real. Ocello's gone."

"I'm not gone," she replied. "And I'm so, so sorry-" she hugged Agatha tightly, sobbing again. Agatha hugged her back as the sun came through the final grey cloud, shining down on the whole scene.

The guards that Ocello had been looked after through childhood came rushing out when they saw what had happened - they quickly abandoned their weapons and came to greet her. Pike, Fletch and Kytra could only watch and smile. And it was at that exact second when the sun broke through, that everything started to change.

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