The Last Moon Dragon

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CAUTION: TWO YEAR OLD DRAFT VERSION. FULL OF SPELLING MISTAKES AND OTHER GRAMMATICAL ERRORS. "The kingdom of Heriven isn't exactly the best place to live. Ruled by a twisted King and a power-hungry Baron, the poor exist to serve the rich. Attacks from other kingdoms have finally ceased over hundreds of years, but only because of a bigger problem. Other places have infestations of lice and vermin, Heriven has dragons. Although there has not been a dragon sighted in the kingdom for over a decade, and the people are at ease, it won't be long before it all changes, and a legendary dragon shall make its reappearance...This was voted best Fantasy Movella 2012


33. The Celebration of Brown and Gold (Part One of Three)

"Then it is decided." said the Baron. "I WILL hold a banquet for the celebration of Autumn - it will be a magnificent event!"

"And, you will of course, be inviting the King," replied Baroness Veronda. Violet looked up from her book.

"Most definitely," continued the Baron, with a  slightly dark smirk. "And, everybody who's anybody as well,"

Violet turned the page of her leather bound book with a sigh. Her father always found any excuse to hold a banquet. Although it usually meant her getting a new dress and being around the nobility, she had become rather tired of her father's want for parties.

Vermydius whipped round to face her. The jewelled hem of his long cape clacked against the stone floor and the sound echoed ominously. The three of them - the Baron and his wife and daughter - were gathered in their private room in the castle. It was high ceilinged and the walls were hung with luxurious tapestries. Violet looked up.

"Surely you are excited, my dear girl? Isn't Autumn your favourite season?"

"It is, but father - I am rather tired of all these banquets. Do you not find them to be a little excessive?" Violet replied nervously.

"Nonsense!" Cried the Baron. "Banquets bring the nobility together, Violet."

"And I will send orders for you to receive a new dress for the occasion - maybe red and gold for the Autumn?" said Veronda invitingly.

"I do not wish for any more dresses, mother."

Baroness Veronda was slightly stunned. Her daughter usually had no problem with the thought of a new dress.

"Well -"

"I do not wish to attend the banquet, father." Said Violet, stoutly.

"A dress is one thing, attendance is another," said her father. There was an edge of anger to his voice. "You are not permitted to sit here - reading - while I hold an event!"

He swiped the book out of her hands and looked over it in disgust.

"Awful things, books. Too many words - and what, may I ask, is this about?"

"It's a book on flowers. You would not be interested." Violet stood up abruptly and snatched the book from her father.

There was a cold silence.

Violet turned to leave, pulling the big oak doors open. There were two guards outside who immediately let her through.

"And where do you think you are going, young lady?!" Spluttered the Baron.

Violet did not reply, but swept down some stone steps towards the depths of the castle, where most of the books and old scrolls were kept.


Invitations to all of the nobles were soon on their way, and the first one to be delivered was King Oskar's. The messenger trotted up to the front of the manor where a guard greeted him.

"What business have you here? The King is resting."

"I bring a message from The Lord in the Castle," said the messenger importantly.

Just around the other side of the manor, in hidden behind some bushes, Ocello's ears pricked up. She was on garden duties that afternoon - but she stopped what she was doing and listened intently.

"What is the message?"

The messenger pulled a scroll from a leather bag and uunrolled it. He coughed slightly, and read:

"The Lord in the Castle would like to invite his majesty the King to a special feast following the arrival of Autumn. The feast is to be held in the Castle's main banquet hall at the crescent moon."

Ocello's eyes widened, and she almost - but not quite - smiled. This was perfect! The crescent moon was only two days away!

The messenger passed the scroll to the guard.

"I will be sure to get this to his majesty as soon as possible." Said the guard.

The messenger nodded. "Good day," he whipped the reins of his horse and it started to trot back down the dusty track.

The guard rolled up the scroll and went back to the main door. Ocello pricked her arm on the side of one of the bushes and it rustled as she recoiled with the sudden pain.

The guard turned sharply, and looked into the bushes. Ocello didn't move, and son enough the guard turned away.

She had to get back to the village and tell Pike about this. Standing up quietly, she went to the back entrance and ran for her cloak.




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