The Last Moon Dragon

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CAUTION: TWO YEAR OLD DRAFT VERSION. FULL OF SPELLING MISTAKES AND OTHER GRAMMATICAL ERRORS. "The kingdom of Heriven isn't exactly the best place to live. Ruled by a twisted King and a power-hungry Baron, the poor exist to serve the rich. Attacks from other kingdoms have finally ceased over hundreds of years, but only because of a bigger problem. Other places have infestations of lice and vermin, Heriven has dragons. Although there has not been a dragon sighted in the kingdom for over a decade, and the people are at ease, it won't be long before it all changes, and a legendary dragon shall make its reappearance...This was voted best Fantasy Movella 2012


50. Sethlore

"How on earth did you get here?" Pike said.

Fletch jumped up. "Never mind that, do you realise there's a dragon right behind you?!"

"Yes," said Kytra. "And he's quite friendly. Calm down."

"He won't eat Zell, will he?" Fletch asked fearfully.

"Who's Zell?"

"My horse."

Foolish boy! The dragon said.

"Oh. No, he won't."

"Here, come and sit down. There's such a lot to tell you!" said Ocello, taking Fletch's hand. Pike felt his stomach tighten, though he wasn't sure why.

Fletch smiled tiredly at Ocello and let her lead him to the Law.

"Woah," he said. "How...? What...?"

Ocello sighed, and started to explain. She told him the entire story, from Violet helping her get to the Law to stealing it and running from the castle, to finding Pike and Kytra trapped in the edge of the forest - Pike quickly added in how Kytra had found and in turn saved him - to stumbling into the clearing and Kytra being able to speak to the dragon - "WHAT-?" gasped Fletch - to the Law finally coming alive.

The whole tale took about an hour to tell, and Ocello was out of breath when she'd finally finished. It was getting dark but they all stayed where they were - even the dragon, who's head Kytra was stroking absent-mindedly.

Fletch looked over the scroll in wonder. He'd certainly never seen anything like it.

"And look, read this -" Pike pointed him towards the castle. Fletch's eyes scanned the parchment.

"What's a...Moon Dragon?" asked Fletch.

"We don't know," shrugged Ocello. "But, according to this, if we find the nearest one - it could help us restore the kingdom."

"Do you think we have to summon it or something?" asked Pike, curiously.

"There doesn't seem to be a description of how you find it on the Law," said Ocello. "Obviously this was written a long while ago, possibly even before my grandfather was King. For all we know, the only way to summon or find a Moon Dragon is somewhere in the castle." she groaned.

"Well, we can't go back there. The whole bailey's been set alight."


All eyes were on Fletch, who stuttered, "Er...there was another fire. The guards holding the drawbridge were shot by the archers, and so...I escaped." he concluded, quickly.

"Well, good on you," said Pike, "But if I remember rightly, isn't that horse" - he pointed to Zell, who was nibbling at the dead grass hopefully - "the Baron's? He's not after you, is he?"

"Um..." Fletch decided to not worry his friends any more than he had to. They had a lot on their hands already. It was true he hadn't seen the Baron behind him...but that didn't mean that a plan wasn't in action to track him down, he realised, his heart sinking. "No. He's not."

He lies. whispered the dragon to Kytra. He is uncertain of what his actions may have provoked. We must be wary.

Of Fletch? asked Kytra.

No, he is of good heart. It is this Baron you speak of that we must watch out for.

"It's getting dark now, anyway." said Ocello, in a resigned manner. "Let's wait until morning. They all agreed.

"Um, Fletch, can you help me role up the scroll?"

"What? - yes, of course," he hurried to help her.

Pike turned away and started to push down the shelter of sticks that he, Ocello and Kytra had slept in before. They wouldn't all fit in it, anyway. He was quite rough about it -his mood had turned sour very suddenly. It seemed that now Fletch had re-joined them his help wasn't needed.

The dragon sensed this, and said silently to Kytra,

That boy there. What is his name?

Pike Leeson. We still haven't decided on a name for you-

It doesn't matter now. Does Pike find Fletch to be a nuisance to his actions? asked the dragon.

No! They are best friends! said Kytra, amazed.

It seems to be different when the black-haired girl is involved. replied the dragon, slyly.

Well, Fletch saved Ocello's life a few months ago. It's how they met. Maybe she feels she can trust Fletch more, or something. replied Kytra, flustered. I don't think the attention of a girl will divide them. she finished, firmly.

That statement may prove itself, but then again, it may not. said the dragon. Oh, and I have decided on a name.

What is it? asked Kytra.

Sethlore. It was the name of the King of our clan many years ago. I am fairly certain he was slain by the men of Heriven, but if we do under some strange circumstances come across him, do not call me by that name.

Why? asked Kytra, interestedly.

Only the highest dragons, Kings or Lords, are allowed names. I was but a lowly slave to my King. replied the dragon - Sethlore, sadly.

That seems unfair.

There is not much I can do about it. shrugged Sethlore.

If we can help our Kingdom, and you help us, I'll make sure we come back and restore your honour. said Kytra.

And I wish you luck in that, snorted Sethlore, but he sounded pleased all the same.

Kytra looked away from Sethlore to see her friends half-asleep.

"We'll keep watch," she whispered to them.

Reaching into her pocket, Kytra looked at the moon stone.

How can this help us? she asked Sethlore.

My memory is old and patchy - but I do remember meeting a Moon Dragon once. They love these stones, and will seek them. Possibly, one is on your trail right this minute.

Kytra stiffened.

But surely this is something you'd like to discuss when your friends wake? asked Sethlore.

Of course. Kytra nodded.

You have a pure and good heart, Kytra. Maybe that is why you were chosen to understand my kind.

Thank you, Kytra replied, but my friends are good as well. Why not them?

Who knows? replied Sethlore. You should know better than anyone that the world can work in strange and incomprehensible ways.

I suppose so.

Sleep. said Sethlore. I will watch for you.

Sethlore lifted his blue wing so kytra could huddle in warmth against him.

Thank you. Kytra replied, gratefully.

She lay down, listening to the comforting slow beat of the dragon's heart. Oddly, she felt more protected here, in the dark wilderness, under the wing of a dragon, than she had been in her purple tent in Heriven.

Through half-closed eyes, she watched her three friends. Ocello lay in between Fletch and Pike, as if they had volunteered to protect her (in reality that had just been the way they had all lain down, no thought had been put into it). Ocello still had the dagger in her belt, Kytra noticed. She didn't really need the two boys to protect her, but Kytra knew she enjoyed their company, and needed them in a different way.

Closing her eyes completely, Kytra smiled at the fact that Ocello would be oblivious to any jealousy that occurred between Pike and Fletch over her. Maybe that was for the best, anyway.

Kytra finally fell asleep.

The moon stone continued to glow in her pocket.


"There is still no sign of her," said the main guard to Agatha. They were in the servants quarters again, late at night when the King had finally fallen asleep so they would not be heard.

"It isn't possible to search the forest, Agatha. The trees are woven together like thorned fabric. We'd have to cut tunnels through them, and even if we did, who knows if we'd find her? We may just never return."

Agatha sighed. "You have tried your best, I know that. If she's not in the village, well...we m-may j-just have-e t-t-to assume..." she started to cry, but wiped the tears away furiously.

"Do you believe she is dead, Agatha?" asked one of the guards, quietly.

"What else is there to believe?" she whispered, the tears still spilling.

One of the smaller guards stepped forward and spoke strongly to Agatha.

"She may be gone, dear lady, but we can remember her. Quith, fetch the gardener, see if he can remember where his rose seeds are, the dear old fool. We can start by planting some flowers for her, Agatha."

"Thank you," she said. "That would be nice."

"Here," the guard gave her a handkerchief. "Get some rest Agatha, you've done so much. There isn't any more we can do."

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