The Last Moon Dragon

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CAUTION: TWO YEAR OLD DRAFT VERSION. FULL OF SPELLING MISTAKES AND OTHER GRAMMATICAL ERRORS. "The kingdom of Heriven isn't exactly the best place to live. Ruled by a twisted King and a power-hungry Baron, the poor exist to serve the rich. Attacks from other kingdoms have finally ceased over hundreds of years, but only because of a bigger problem. Other places have infestations of lice and vermin, Heriven has dragons. Although there has not been a dragon sighted in the kingdom for over a decade, and the people are at ease, it won't be long before it all changes, and a legendary dragon shall make its reappearance...This was voted best Fantasy Movella 2012


41. Fire With Fire

Ocello was trying to keep calm. She breathed slowly but she couldn't help shaking.

Ocello now had three options. She would either waste away in this locked room, be caught holding the most valuable document in the entire kingdom, or try to find a way out.

Bracing herself, she chose the third one. Placing the Law carefully behind the shelves she got quietly to her feet and moved out into the room. She felt a pulling urge to read the dusty parchment, but she ignored the feeling, forcefully reminding herself of Pike and what she had promised him.

Remembering the guards had locked the door, she felt braver. At least she would know when to hide if they decided to return with Violet's key.

She peered around, assessing the space, this time however for any openings or doors, rather than out of pure curiosity.

The flickering firelight in the brackets above her head illuminated her thin face, making the circles under her eyes appear darker and larger, and her structure more skeletal.

Ocello started to check around and behind every one of the shelves that lined the stone walls, pulling off books and feeling the stone, looking for hidden doorways or windows. She knew that this castle was full of those - but she had enough sense to know how deeply underground she was. The only light she would see again would be the dancing flames...

No! She had to get out, and with the Law if she could. She might have been forced here by her brother, but when she had first arrived at the gatehouse she had been laughing to herself that just this once, he was helping her.

That scroll behind the shelf was the only hope they had left, and even if it meant she had to dig her way out of this room, she was leaving with it.

After a while, these thoughts still burning in her mind, Ocello had almost given up. These walls were solid, the stone pushed firmly together by the earth around them. The door was her only way out.

Ocello sank to the floor, holding herself together. Even if she picked the lock and scuttled into the banquet hall unnoticed, she could hardly hide a giant scroll under her dress.

She pushed her hair out of her sweaty face and looked up towards the flaming brackets. The flames danced and waved at her, flickering in a non-existent breeze.

Fire. Ocello knew what fire could do.

The guards had had a hot tempter when they had left her here, and Violet's mood had been fiery. Ocello could fight fire with fire.

She rushed to the door and rattled the lock. It was stiff and old, but Ocello was determined. She went back to the chest and the chair next to it. On the embroidered cushion there lay the spineless book that had Ocello had used to open the chest. She felt around for the piece of broken spine, muttering under her breath.

It spike her finger as she laid her hands on it and she held in a yelp, jumping back with the metal in her hands. She went back to the door and jammed the pointed side into the lock, rattling it as hard as she could, scraping her hands but ignoring, throwing her bodyweight into the door.

It fell open and Ocello fell to the floor, dropping the shard of bloodied book spine and wiping her stinging hands on her dress. She ran back to where she had left the Law and locked it in her arms, her fingers dotting it with specks of blood.

Racing back to the door she grabbed the metal pole holding one of the brackets and pulle with all her might. It fell to the floor, but still the flames burned. Ocello picked it up and, holding her breath, raced up the stone passageway, adrenaline coursing through her, the hot pole in one hand and the Law in the other. Her hands were still bleeding.

She fell through the door into the banquet hall, the guards must have left it open when they took Violet. She could hear the drunken laughter and music from behind the wall. Readying herself for everything to go wrong, she leaned around the wall and held the bracket to the mountain of wooden wine barrels lining the wall.

The flames caught immediately, spreading over the barrels like water over stone. Ocello smiled as people began to scream and run. She couldn't come out from behind the wall yet, the time wasn't right.

The flames had licked the banquet table and now the music had stopped. People were running for the main doors which had been forced open as the fire took over everything it could.

All of a sudden, the atmosphere of the first dragon attack started to return. People dropping everything and running from falling debris alight with flame. Ocello was frozen for a moment as her heart started to beat fast with fear.  Except this fire hadn't been started by a dragon. It was her doing.

 She couldn't leave through the door.

Instead, hurling the fiery pole away from her, Ocello ran as fast as she could for the window.

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