The Last Moon Dragon

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CAUTION: TWO YEAR OLD DRAFT VERSION. FULL OF SPELLING MISTAKES AND OTHER GRAMMATICAL ERRORS. "The kingdom of Heriven isn't exactly the best place to live. Ruled by a twisted King and a power-hungry Baron, the poor exist to serve the rich. Attacks from other kingdoms have finally ceased over hundreds of years, but only because of a bigger problem. Other places have infestations of lice and vermin, Heriven has dragons. Although there has not been a dragon sighted in the kingdom for over a decade, and the people are at ease, it won't be long before it all changes, and a legendary dragon shall make its reappearance...This was voted best Fantasy Movella 2012


32. A Doubtful Plan

Ocello sank to the floor in defeat. She had been cleaning the manor from almost the very moment she had woken - her brother's orders, of course. Her arms ached and her head was pounding. She threw the dirty rag away down the hall and pushed her long hair out of her face. (She thought it would be nice to have her hair loose all the time, but in reality it got in the way and was now greasy and unkempt.)

Agatha entered the main corridor and sighed when she saw Ocello almost passed out on the floor. She picked up the rag from the floor and helped Ocello to her feet. She brushed down her simple dress and tucked her hair behind her ears. Tears sprang to Ocello's blue eyes. Although she was no longer nobility, Agatha still treated her the same. When Ocello had first been demoted, Agatha had done most of her work, but Ocello had soon stopped her.

"Can I stop now," she whispered hoarsely.

"Of course." Agatha replied. "It is the end of the day, anyway. Go and get some rest. I'll wake you tomorrow."

"Actually - I was wondering if I could go to the village." Ocello asked, suddenly. She did not want to stay in the manor for another moment, and she had heard before that servants often took breaks in this way.

Agatha looked uncertain.

"As long as you are back by sunset. That is a good long while."

"Thank you. Should I go out of the back way?"

"Yes. That would be wise."

Ocello gave Agatha a hug and then ran down to the cellars of the manor. She knew there was a door and a flight of wooden steps that lead out of the manor at the back which was never guarded.

The cellars were dank and they smelt of rotting food and rat droppings. Ocello's heart sank as she realised that was what she must smell like.

When she reached her room, she slipped the key off from around her neck and unlocked the door. In one corner, she had the pile of torn blankets that served as her bed, in another, one other outfit for 'special occasions', and on the wall there was a cracked mirror. She pulled on her leather boots and looked in the mirror. Although her reflection was only half there, she could still tell that she looked atrocious. Nervously, she tried to smooth her hair and wipe the dirt and sweat from her face.

She took her cloak (which was no longer lined with fur - now it was a rough, patched black thing that let in all the cold) and pulled it about her shoulders, slipped the key around her neck, and made for the back door.


A few minutes later, she was on the dusty track which connected the manor to the village. To avoid the front guards she had had to go a slight way into the trees and walk extremely quietly. There had been a few moments where she had trodden on twigs or dead leaves and they had turned their heads, but she had just about managed to avoid being detected.

She walked swiftly along, but it was hard to keep a straight path - the track was uneven and lumpy. It was also covered in horse dung. Ocello had only ever traveled this way by carriage, so this was altogether a very strange experience.

Looking ahead, she decided that there was only a small way to go before the village, and so she started to run, nimbly avoiding the dung and the lumps of rock embedded in the earth.

The forest lined both sides of the track, and it's darkness seemed to be edging closer and closer towards her as she ran, the trees growing taller and their branches twisting tighter. She didn't like how quiet it was - part of the reason she was running was because it was a familiar sound. She picked up her pace slightly.

Her cloak billowed out behind her as she ran into the village. It occurred to her that she could find Pike and maybe see how he was doing. She had missed him, Fletch and Kytra.

Pulling her cloak closer around her, she went to the village square to try and find Pike. Looking around she had a strange feeling of unease - there didn't see, to be as many people around as she'd been expecting. Many of the houses looked empty and cold.

She also realised that she couldn't see Kytra's tent - and that was when she started to feel slightly queasy. She hoped Kytra was alright, and hadn't been discovered by the guards that now roamed the village daily.

Noticing two guards coming her way, Ocello backed into a side street and decided to look for Pike near the lake. She wasn't completely sure of her surroundings but the lake couldn't be that far away. She noticed a trickle of muddy water going off to her right so she followed it.

A short while later, she arrived at the lake. Her heart nearly dropped to her stomach.

The water was brown and disgustingly foamy - the last time she had been here it had been unclean but still blue. There were no villagers swimming or fishing around it - and Pike was nowhere to be seen.

Something was very, very wrong.

She returned to the side streets and started to run again. The forest was right next to her and she felt uneasy. Suddenly she tripped, and her cloak caught on a branch and was ripped off her. She coughed and someone helped her up.

"Are you alri - Ocello!"


She turned to face him, and her heart dropped again. He looked ill and half-starved. There were huge dark circles under his eyes and his bones were much more prominent.

"What happened to you?"

"My father - he has been locked up. I do not have a home any more. Where have you been?"

"At the manor, serving my brother - oh, Pike - I'm so sorry -" and before she realised what she was doing, she wrapped her arms around him in a tight embrace. Pike was a bit stunned, and patted Ocello on the back awkwardly.

Ocello felt him go rigid and let go of him quickly. She realised how worried she had been and she told Pike so.

"Where is Fletch?" She asked.

"The bailey, I suppose. I doubt he is allowed to leave, otherwise he would be here." Replied Pike, grimly.

Ocello's chest went tight. "Have you seen Kytra?"

Pike shook his head. Dust fell from his hair.

"Have you seen the lake?" He asked Ocello.

"Of course - what -"

"I do not know exactly what has happened. But I will tell you what I do know. People, are dying, Ocello. My mother is gone, most likely dead, and my father is locked away. Ever since your brother became King of Heriven, things have taken a turn for the worst."

"I know." Said Ocello, sadly. "But what is done is done. He is crowned, and unless we find the Will of my father it will stay that way."

"Why the Will?"

"The Ancient Law states that the ruler must recorded who receives the crown after they are dead. My father, it seems, did not, and so Oskar was crowned."

"Have you ever seen this 'Ancient Law'?" Asked Pike.

"No, the only copy left lies in the castle."

"We have to find it. Maybe it can give us a clue about where the Will might be, or who is rightfully the ruler of Heriven."

"Pike, it was written thousands of years ago -"

"What other choice do we have?"

Ocello went silent.

"How do I get to the castle?"

"There is sure to be another banquet soon. Your brother will probably take you as a personal servant - try to find it then."

"Fine. But I doubt this will achieve anything, Pike."

"We have nothing else. Oskar is not meant for the throne, Ocello, and we need to find out who is before the entire kingdom dies."

Pike finished.



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