They summoned her so she came

ever heard of an ouija board?? well at my sleepover we all tried it out to see who was there. We soon regreted it!!!


2. Still there, waiting

I awoke to the sound of tapping. I came from my window. I woke up everyone else and the bravest of us went over to the window and peeped through the curtains. She screamed, closed the curtains and ran back.

"the girl on the T.V. She's o.o.o.....ut" she murmered.

"Under the door!!! B...B.B...L...O.O..OO.DDD!!!" I screamed.

We had to sing nursery rhymes to eachother to get back to sleep.


The morning came and there was no blood stains on the carpet. No blood stains on the window. We all laughed talking about the horrifying dream that we all had shared before we saw the living room. Bookshelves pusshed over, T.V.  was cracked, books ripped in half and scratch marks all over the chairs.

On the Oujia board was a message on a sticky note. It said,

"you summoned me so I came"

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