They summoned her so she came

ever heard of an ouija board?? well at my sleepover we all tried it out to see who was there. We soon regreted it!!!


1. No one out there - or is there

All my best friends were over my house for a sleep over. We were all bored so I got out the ouija board out. we all sat in a cirlce around the board. we asked to see who was there. No reply. We waited. No reply. we all decided to turn on the T.V. as we were incredibly bored. suddenly the T.V. went blank. The T.V. then went fuzzy. Seconds after, a little girl appeared. She had no eyes. Blood dripping from her sockets. She looked 5 and she scared us all. We instantly turned the TV off and ran upstairs to my room. We had to recite childhood fairy tales to calm us down.


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