As Long As You Love Me (Justin Bieber while he is becoming famous)

Justin Bieber and Juliet Price are Best Friends until they turn fourteen and Angelica gets inbetween them. They start to fall for eachothr as they are apart but don't realize that Angelica will do anything to get Justin to be hers.

This is an entry for the Justin Bieber fanfic contest no h8 please this is my first contest I have entered so please.


2. Skatepark

Juliets POV

Justin Ryan Chaz and I are leaving to the skate park. ''so Justin I heard you are now the famous Justin Bieber''I said and he started to blush. ''Yeah Usher signed me so I am now famous I guess''he said ''okay yeah so where are your stalkish fans and all''I said smiling and he shook his head. As I walked up the stair to the skate park the nasal voice I hated sounded screaming ''JUSTIN''and I kept walking meeting up with Holden ''Hey Little London girl''he said. ''Do you even hang out with angelica''I asked and he shook his head ''Will you go out with me''He blurted and I looked at him ''I'm sorry but I like totally  have had a crush on you since I met you and yeah''I nodded and hugged him. Justin had Angelica so I said yes

Justin's POV

I saw Juliet and Holden hugging and could feel my heart break. I wanted to ask her out and Holden knew it, Holden has hated me forever. I knew he is only using her. ''Justin are you okay''Ryan asked and I nodded skating away and so did Juliet. ''Justin I will race you home''Jules said and rode away. ''HEY YOU CHEATED''I yelled riding after her.

Juliets POV

I rode away and heard him shout. ''JULES WATCH OUT''was the last thing I heard him say before headlights blinded me and everything blacked out. I was thinking about a million things and how I could be dead this could be the end.


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