As Long As You Love Me (Justin Bieber while he is becoming famous)

Justin Bieber and Juliet Price are Best Friends until they turn fourteen and Angelica gets inbetween them. They start to fall for eachothr as they are apart but don't realize that Angelica will do anything to get Justin to be hers.

This is an entry for the Justin Bieber fanfic contest no h8 please this is my first contest I have entered so please.


1. Friendship is Forever

''JUSTIN''I called running up to him and hugging him tight. His smell lingered on his bare skin. ''Jules I missed you''His sweet voice said into my ear and I went to hug Pattie Ryan and Chaz. ''Jules wow how you've grown how did you get back'' pattie asked. ''Well my mom and dad split so I had to choose who I wanted to be with and I chose my dad my mum is back in London''I answered. Okay let me tell you a little bit about myself I'm Juliet Rose Price I am originally from london  but moved to canada in third grade grew up with Justin Ryan and Chaz moved back to London last year and now I am back where I belong.

''Lets go skating now Justin oh Jules you wanna come we still have your board'' Ryan said and I nodded and followed him to Justin's garage. I walked in and saw a new board with my name engraved on the top. ''O my gosh Ryan this is beautiful. You didn't have to''I said and he smiled ''I didn't Justin did he knew that you would come back so he got you this''I smiled and hugged Ryan. I missed having friends like him but I held back telling him that I had no friends in London because I was the most hated girl in school. We walked out and Justin called ''THE BRITISH ARE COMING THE BRITISH ARE COMING''I missed him to probably the most.

Justin's POV(Flashback)

''Justin can I tell you something''Juliet asked her eyes glossy her hair had raindrops in it and her lips were moving but I didn't hear her. ''huh sorry what''I asked but I should have pretended that I heard her cause my heart broke when she said ''I am moving back to London for a two years my mum thinks that Angelica is tearing me apart so we are leaving I wanted to say good-bye but I wouldn't have if I knew it would hurt this much so good-bye Justin I will miss you a lot but I must go''She said and turned to walk off that was the day I cried the most

Justins POV(Present Day)

I smiled at her she would skate in the snow if she could it was her absolute favorite hobby besides singing which she is wonderful at. ''SHUT UP''she called back and I smiled. I was in love with her absolutly in love with her. Her beautiful blue eyes her wonderful smile and her cute british accent. ''Yo JB you coming''I was awaked from my trace by Ryans voice Friendship is forever


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