Man on the train.

A 17 year old girl is about to start her 2nd year of college. Meeting a man on the train who she instantly connects with, but it is more complicated then they would have thought. Is their attraction strong enough to survive anything?


6. Chapter 6

We got to costa and ordered 2 coffee's, he paid for them both. "Thanks I don't mind paying for mine" he smiled "It's fine".

We went and sat down on comfy seats in the corner. "So how are you finding College?" My attempt at small talk. "Not what I expected, I haven't been teaching very long, I cant figure out whether I prefer this place to my last" I laughed. "This College is alright, it has it's ups and downs" a smile creeped over his face "Yes it has".

I looked to the left of me and saw Carol by the counter with some of her friends, Oh shit. I turned and faced the wall so she wouldn't see me. "Avoiding someone?" What was I ament to say? Yes because I can't deal with her moaning at me for having coffee with my teacher? No don't think so. "No" I smiled awkwardly.

"Shan?" shit shit shit shit shit! "Caz hey" I gave her a look as if to say now is not the time, and I think she got the message in some sort of way. She mimed to me 'He's hot' I nodded, knowing she would regret saying that when she finds out it's Ben.

My next lesson was with Ben, which could be very awkward...

I looked at my phone "It's 11.15, think we better go don't want to be late again" I laughed even though what I said wasn't funny. He tried his best to laugh "Lets skip it" This stunned me for a moment, he was asking me to skip our lesson? I know in every way possible that was wrong but I couldn't say no. "Sure"

He must know that him skipping a lesson won't be very good for his job, but maybe he wants to get fired, after all he doesn't seem to like it here. He got his phone from his pocket and dialed a number "Hey, something important has come up and I can't make it to next lesson". I heard an annoyed voice at the reciever and then they hung up. He turned to face me "Sorted"

We hadn't planned what we were going to do, his lesson went on for an hour and a half, and we both couldn't really be noticed by anyone. "Want another coffee?" I guess getting caught didn't bother him as much, or maybe he didn't care. "Yeah okay" I smiled.

He went and got us two more coffee's "So tell me about yourself?" there wasn't really much to say about me, my life is pretty dull.

"Well I live with my mum, er I like music and tv" I was very blunt but I really had no idea what to say "What about you?" He laughed "Erm well I live by myself, I too also like music and tv"

It was alot easier asking him questions, then him asking me. "Did you always want to be a teacher?" "Erm not really, but I have always loved English, what better than to teach it to others right?" "Yeah I suppose".

We both went to pick up our coffee's and our hands touched, his hand remained on mine. I looked up at him and gulped loudly. "You're nervous?" "Something like that, yeah" I moved my hand away and picked up my coffee. He then did the same. His mood changed, and I guess he sort of snapped back to reality.

"Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to skip lesson" I liked being with him alot, I didn't want to go back to lesson and then we'd just be teacher and student. Here no-one labels us. I didn't know what to say to change his mind. "You can, i'm gonna stay here". He paused clearly not knowing what to do. "Oh no I thought you were worried about missing it"

I laughed at him, "No i'm not worried" "But you're nervous?" "You make me nervous" I could feel the tension rising as soon as the words escaped my lips. He smiled to himself. "You make me nervous too, which is un-usual, not many people make me nervous" I wasn't sure what to say back to that so I laughed.

We stared at eachother intensley for a moment. "Do you wanna get out of here?" I smiled widely "I thought you'd never ask" I grabbed his hand and led him out the back of costa...

I pushed him to the nearest wall and began kissing him, I couldn't help myself. I've never felt this way before... He held his hands round either side of my face and continued kissing me". A part of me wanted to rip his clothes off but I had to remind myself we were sort of in public. He read my mind "Think we need to go somewhere more er private" He held my hand and began to lead me somewhere.


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