Man on the train.

A 17 year old girl is about to start her 2nd year of college. Meeting a man on the train who she instantly connects with, but it is more complicated then they would have thought. Is their attraction strong enough to survive anything?


4. Chapter 4

For some reason I didn't feel awkward around him, but in class I want to go sit in a corner and hide my face. I tend to make a lot of situations complicated, I guess that's my downfall. He opened up a packet of haribo's and offered me a few. I took a heart, green bear and a ring those were my favourites. He looked at me weirdly "I'm very picky when it comes to sweets" we both began to laugh.

Ben's POV
Was it okay to even talk to her outside of College? I don't really know i've never been in this type of situation before. I really did like her, but I know I had to put that behind me, yet we are talking normally forgetting what happened yesterday, that we like eachother and that i'm her teacher. I ate some more haribo's. We were so deep in conversation that we forgot to get off at the right stop, and missed it by 3 stops. "Shit we missed our stop" She then looked at me, "What where are we?" I looked at sign by the platform "Rochford?" we both laughed "Oops"

This isn't going to look right, after yesterday and now we are both late! We got off at Rochford and waitied for the train to take us the opposite way. "We're such idiots" I laughed, he agreed and continued to laugh with me. The train finally arrived. We got on and there was no seats available so we stood next to eachother. "What's the time" It won't really matter if we are a few minutes late. "9.17, and we have 10 minutes left on this train" "Oh crap... Ben this isn't going to look good" He nodded and looked worried "I know" "Maybe we could skip this lesson and go in next?" "Then we would both be off..." "Shit true, and we can't really miss any of the 2nd day" The train finally stopped at the right destination we originally planned for. "We got off the train and both headed for the lift, no way was I walking up those murderous stairs" "People aren't going to think anything, as there is nothing going on" What he said was true, but it still hurt. We both walked into class followed by many remarks, but we ignored them all. "You know you can get fired for dating students sir" I looked over at ryan and gave him a dirty look, this really hurt me I wanted to have a go at him, but then that would make me look guilty. Ben looked at me and then at Ryan "I know" he then changed the subject "Anyway if we are all going to stop acting so childish could we please turn to page 17" I looked down at my desk, moments before we entered the classroom I was happy, it only takes one small thing to change my mood.

At break I went to meet carol, I realised I was ament to meet her before College but after the train and stuff I couldn't. "Hey" I went up to her and gave her a hug. "Where were you this morning?" "We missed our stop, so er I had to get off and change train" I couldn't be bothered to be had a go at but I know what was coming. "We?" I looked down at my shoes. "Shannon! What are you thinking!?" "Caz I got the earlier train I tried to avoid him, I really did" "So how comes you were together?" She looked at me dissapointingly "He got the earlier train too I guess" "There are 8 carriages on the train shan" "Could you just leave it!?" I stormed off getting myself away from her. She was too responsible and I wasn't in the mood.

At the end of the day I saw Ben walking back to his classroom. He saw me and shouted over to me "8.15" he then walked off leaving me to try and work out what he was on about. I went home and got on with some work and finished my english and science homework. I looked at the time and it was almost 10, I looked to see what time the trains were for tomorrow, to plan when I had to leave and that's when I saw it, 8.15 platform 2. He was telling me what train I should get on, but what carriage? What did this even mean? He acts so differently with me outside of class. I got a call from Carol but I ignored it and she instead left a voicemail after a while I decided to listen to it "Shan, I love you so much, I hate arguing with you. But I don't want to see this situation blow up in your face because it will, I know it hurts me saying this but i'm only looking out for you, please remember that, call me" I put the phone down and text her 'I love you too night xxxx'. At the end of the day I know she was only looking out for me no matter how much it pissed me off.

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