Man on the train.

A 17 year old girl is about to start her 2nd year of college. Meeting a man on the train who she instantly connects with, but it is more complicated then they would have thought. Is their attraction strong enough to survive anything?


2. Chapter 2

I couldn't function properly, everything went blury I was either going to faint or be sick. Something has just been ripped from my chest without my permission. The man on the train, the stranger, ben, was my teacher and nothing could ever happen between us. This thought haunted me, I continued to stare at him wide eyed, he looked pale, my favourite lesson has been ruined within a matter if minutes. "Shannon, can I speak with you for a minute" I looked at him in horror, why did he want to speak to me? I couldn't face the shame. I walked up to him slowly, he looked over to the door signalling me to meet him outside. I walked out the door standing in the hallway trying to get my thoughts together.

He told the rest of the class to get on with reading the book that has been assigned for this year, he met me outside the door. At first we looked at eachother not knowing what to say, then he began to speak. "How could, why could, how old are you!?" Suddenly my age seemed worthless "17, I well I how old are you? I thought you were a student but you're not you're a well you know" I couldn't bring myself to say the words.

"21, I'm young I know well to be a teacher, I thought you were a teacher? You look much older" Sadness ran through my body. "It's 4 years apart" I couldn't justify what I was saying, like I was saying it was okay for us to be together, when that couldn't happen. "It doesn't matter Shannon, we could be one month apart, i'm your teacher that's what matters at the end of the day" he raised his voice, he was angry for sure, but why take it out on me when we are as much to blame as eachother?

Ben's POV
I was angry, frustrated and hurt. I liked this girl, everything about her was my type, but everything is so wrong. I couldn't even think about 'us' there is no 'us'. What was she saying, we have 4 years apart, that doesn't matter does she not understand that? Does she think something is going to happen? Nothing can happen I am her teacher and that's how it is going to stay.

We both walked back into class, followed by immature laughing and smurking. "Lovers tiff?" Of course that was Jason, the class clown who was far from funny, but no one had anything better to do then laugh. Everyone burst out laughing apart from me and ben, nothing about what he said was funny, nothing. This annoyed ben I could see it all over his face. I went and sat down without saying a word.

"You.." he pointed at Jason. "Whats your name?" "Jason sir" "Shut up with your stupid comments" everyone laughed, but you can see he was serious and Jason got that and so he shut up. I leaned my head on the desk, I couldn't listen to him talk about english, it felt so wrong, this wasn't how it was ament to happen. I wanted him, which made me feel sick.

Ben's POV
I wanted to leave, never see anyone of these people again, never see... Shannon again. I couldn't. There was something about her, that sparkled. I didn't mean to be harsh with her, but how can I be nice to her? Knowing that could lead to something else entirely. I couldn't stop thinking about her, which distracted me from teaching my lesson, I told the rest of them to get on with reading the book. I didn't feel like teaching anymore.


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