Man on the train.

A 17 year old girl is about to start her 2nd year of college. Meeting a man on the train who she instantly connects with, but it is more complicated then they would have thought. Is their attraction strong enough to survive anything?


1. Chapter 1

The summer holidays were over, It was back to college and back to work. It was my 2nd year of college, meaning we get knew teachers, new students. It will be nice to meet knew people. I wore my black dress with black boots, I hated heels so I chose never to wear them. I put on my locket, that my mum gave to me. She was alseep, I didn't want to wake her up so I sneaked down the stairs, and ran out of the door. I walked to the train station, I waited for 15 minutes before the train came and then I rememberd I hadn't got my ticket "Fuck" I then went to buy a ticket, and had to wait another 8 minutes for the next train, at this rate I am definatley going to be late, great. The train pulled up to the station and eventually stopped, I waited for everyone to get off the train and then I got on. The journey would be 30 minutes long so I went to find a seat. Everywhere was full except one seat, as I looked over to the seat I saw a beautiful man sitting opposide. I started to die slowly inside. I immediatley went to the seat and sat down admiring his handsome face, I didn't want him to catch me staring so I looked away. I searched in my bag for my phone as I wanted to text my friend about him, my bag then decided to break dropping everything on the floor. "Shit!" I went to pick it up, and the stranger sitting infront of me started to help me, I smiled "Thank you" "No problem" he picked the rest up and handed it to me. I put it back in my bag, I pulled my hair tie out of my hair and wrapped it around the handle of my bag. "So where you off to?" I was shocked he was still speaking to me, "College" "Me too" "How weird" we both laughed. "Is this your first year?" "Yes" I am beginning to like the new people already, maybe he would be in my class! We flirted for the rest of the journey, I was very attracted to this man. "What's your name?" "Shannon you?" "Ben" "Well it will be good to see a familiar face at College" "Yeah" we both smiled at eachother. I wanted to kiss him there and then, but that would be awkward as he probably wasn't attracted to me in any way.

Ben's POV
I'm happy she is going to the college, maybe she will be teaching in a class near me. Not looking forward to meeting most of the other teachers, normally they seem stuck up and think they know it all, thats why I left my last place. I couldn't stop looking at her, she was stunning to say the least. I could tell she was attracted to me which I liked, as I felt the same.

Imagine if we got married, and I told our kid's that we met on a train to College. I laughed at myself I always planned way ahead, thinking of every possible outcome. It was 9 which was also the time of my first lesson oops. The train got to the station, "See you around ben!" I smiled at him and ran off meeting my friend Carol. "Hey I forgot I was going to text you, I met a really hot guy on the train who is starting College today" she laughed "You fancy everyone shan" "Shut up, just because you have a boyfriend" she laughed. I'm not desperate or anything, it would just be nice to go out with someone that treats you well instead of the assholes out there.

Ben's POV
I got to class, everyone was already there, I was an english teacher which I always enjoyed teaching. I went to the front of the class "I'm Ben Porter" Everyone said hello, I then took the register the boring part of any lesson. "Ryan Haplan" "Here" "Karey Hastings" "Here" "Shannon Lloyds" I looked around and there was no answer so I carried on "Peter Mathews" "Here"...

I began to run to class realising it was 9.15 why do I have to be late on my first day!? I looked on my timetable and saw I had English woo, i've always liked english. Probably because it's the only thing i'm good at. I walked up the million stairs, I tried to catch my breath, my face was swetting it wasn't pretty. I went to the toilets to freshen up, and then decided to go to class. I walked in the door and my bag decided to break for the second time today dropping all my belongings on the floor. I hated myself for being so clumsy, someone started helping me with my stuff, I recognised those hands, I looked up "Ben!" "Shannon?" He seemed confused more than happy which made me confused. "I can't believe we are in the same class" "Oh my god" I didn't understand, had I annoyed him on the train? We seemed to get on very well I thought we had a sudden attraction... I picked up my bag and went and sat down in an empty sit, I was very confused and annoyed. What have I done to annoy him so much eurgh? I looked at ben who was still looking at me, he went and slowly sat down at the front of the class not taking his eyes off of me, he then turned his head "Can we call you Ben or Mr Porter?" said a girl at the front, she looked confused. "Ben is fine" he smiled at her. My eyes suddenly widened, BEN IS MY TEACHER!?

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