5 In A Bed

"I'm living in a house with four boys and I'm the only female. Why? I honestly don't know."

Anna is staying with her brother Will, and his three best friends: Nick, Harry and Mark while she finishes Uni. But being the only girl in an all boys house, can only lead to mayhem, love and laughter. Will she be able to get the grades and a guy? Who knows! Find out in 5 In A Bed!!!!


2. Settling In

The music in the car actually got better as we drove on and I hummed along to the songs as the boys full on belted it out. It was pretty funny, especially Harry, he really can't sing. He may be really cute and adorable but never, and I mean never, let him do karaoke. Apparently Will and Harry got chucked out of a club for Harry's awful singing. I laughed for days after that. It was that funny.

The truck screeched round the corner and I saw what would be my home for the next few months. It was quite big, average house size with a huge extension built on the side. My mouth dropped open. Nick put his hand under my chin and closed my mouth for me. I gave him a look that said: Seriously? He shrugged it off easily, being that chilled back kind of guy he is. I gave up trying to act serious so I grinned, brightening the mood of the truck amazingly. Will caught my eye in the mirror and wiggled his eyebrows again, I would have usually rolled my eyes, but this time I wiggled my eyebrows back. His face was soon permanently plastered with a huge grin.

As we pulled onto the surprisingly clean driveway I leant across Mark to look straight out of the window, my nose touching the cold glass. I fell suddenly forward as Mark opened the door quickly. I layed, limbs splayed across Mark, with a my lips just turning up at the corners. Mark roughly pushed me onto the car floor and got out the car himself.

"Jerk." I muttered under my breath before taking Will's hand and stepping cautiously out of the truck, scared I might fall on my face again. Will led me into the house, unlocking the TARDIS blue front door with a rusty key. I looked behind to see Mark and Nick taking my bike out of the back and putting it on the small amount of green on the front lawn.

"Thanks!" I called out to them. Wondering where my suitcase was, I peered round Will to see that he had it in his other hand. The door was now (finally) open and he gestured for me to go inside. I faked curtseyed and pranced in like a princess. I could hear Will laughing at me from behind, I turned and flashed him one of my best smiles.

"Just like old days, hey Lil?" Will asked me. He called me 'Lil' or 'Lil Sissy' as a sort of nickname of Little Sister, and I call him 'BB', the initials of Big Brother. But not the TV show.

"I love this place!" I said, you could just feel the warmth of the house, just from standing where I was.

"Wanna see your room?" Will asked another question. I nodded and followed him up the stairs. And then another flight. We stopped outside a smart white door with a crystal door knob and my name scrawled messily in Will's barely legible handwriting on a piece of note paper. I cautiously turned the handle slowly and the door opened silently. The walls were baby blue and the ceiling was a bright white, the floorboards were a pale woodeny brown (duh!) and the whole room just had that certain feel to it. I stepped inside and Will followed, putting the suitcase on the bed and standing beside it.

"What do you think?" He asked, smiling like a cheshire cat.

"It's perfect BB." I replied, looking at the bed, the duvet was white with big blue roses spread across it. Trully girly, but the blue colour made it more my style.

"I love it." I said simply. I walked over to Will and gave him a hug. He hugged me back. He sat on the bed and watched me unzip the suitcase, a pile of clothes fell off the bed and onto the floor. Will picked it up. Just my luck, it was my underwear.

"Oooo! Look at me I'm a girl!!!" Will said, putting one of my bras up to his chest and talking high-pitched.

"Stop it!" I whisper, in case anoyone else might hear. Quickly, I snatch it back and put it out of his reach. I pile out another bundle of clothes, before coming across my notebook. My notebook is totally epic. It's a mix of a diary, recipes, address book and photo album mashed into one. I look at it's flowery Union Jack print and cuddle it to my chest. I couldn't live without that book. I open it up at a random page, it just so happened to be a picture of me and my mum, at my birthday party. We were grinning at each other. I stared at it, feeling tears starting to form, I let them come, considering that Will was the only other person in the room. He sensed I wanted my privacy so he walked back to the door and gave me a final look before closing the door.

I cried for a few minutes, I was still crying when the door was opened again, I don't know who came in, but they bolted the door behind them. I guessed it was Will and wanted to see if I wanted to talk about it. I was sitting on the bed at this point, and I only knew it wasn't Will when the person sat beside me. Will always stood up, never sat beside me. I flicked a piece of hair out of my face to see it was Harry. I gave a watery smile. He pulled me close to him and I cried a bit longer, just for the sake of it now, I don't know why.

"Sh, sh." He whispered to me, rocking me back and forth. It was soothing, really soothing. Did I mention before that Harry was actually quite good-looking? Or fit? No? Well, I'll mention it now then. He was pretty hot, let's be honest. I only called him cute and adorable before because I didn't want you to get the wrong idea or anything.....

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