5 In A Bed

"I'm living in a house with four boys and I'm the only female. Why? I honestly don't know."

Anna is staying with her brother Will, and his three best friends: Nick, Harry and Mark while she finishes Uni. But being the only girl in an all boys house, can only lead to mayhem, love and laughter. Will she be able to get the grades and a guy? Who knows! Find out in 5 In A Bed!!!!


3. Last Night

I woke up. Yes, I had been asleep. I flung my arms wide like I do every morning and hear someone say: "Ouch." I sat up and saw Harry lying across from me. He looks up at me, smiles, then his face turns to shock.

"Where am I?"

"In my room! In my bed! What do you think yo-.... oh no, what if? No, Anna, calm down. Nothing happened." I start pacing my room, relieved I have pyjamas on.

"Wait. What? You don't think....?" Harry starts. I roll my eyes. He's a bit slow.

"I don't know genius! All I know is I'm wearing pyjamas and I know I was wearing clothes before bed. How, and I mean how did I get to be in pyjamas?!" I exclaim, still pacing, one hand on my forehead.

"I don't know what happened last night. And if I do remember, I won't tell anyone."

"Oh yes you will! You'd better tell me. I want to know exactly what happened last night and you're the one who'll be able to tell me!" My face is inches away from his, my finger pointing directly at his face. He backs away.

"Alright, I'll tell you if I remember anything." With that, Harry walked to the door, unlocked it and walked out.

I decided to calm me down I would take a shower. So I did. When I cam out dripping wet with a towel around me, I was not expecting Will to be sitting on my bed

"Jeeeessssuuzz! You almost gave me a heart attack Will!" I say, clutching my chest to emphasize my point.

"What was Harry doing in your bedroom last night?" Will asked looking away from me.

"Huh?" I answer back, hoping if I act dumb he won't figure out I'm lying.

"There was a lot of noise coming from your room." Will went a bit red "It sounded like there was some kissing going on." I looked at him.

"Are you having a laugh? I would never, and I mean never kiss Harry!" I try and laugh it off. Will gives me a nod but his expression clearly states he doesn't believe me.

"Now, come on. Out. I'm trying to get dressed." I say shooing him out so I can put some clothes on.

After I dry and moisturise I find some jeans. The colour of denim (why wouldn't they be?!) and a Primark tee. I grab my notebook and run downstairs into the kitchen. I gather some ingredients and start baking. Fork biscuits. My favourite recipe. It's sooooooo easy and they taste real good. Once I made them I put them on a plate and left them on the side after taking one myself. I went back to my room and started putting on my leathers. I was going for a bike ride to clear my head.

I was whizzing around really fast along a busy road. My thoughts were spinning and spinning. Did me and Harry do something last night? No, we couldn't have. But Will said he heard kissing. Could've just been a puffer fish impression? Get real with yourself! Really? A puffer fish impression. I'm ashamed of you. But I am you! Shut up! Then I hit a car.

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