5 In A Bed

"I'm living in a house with four boys and I'm the only female. Why? I honestly don't know."

Anna is staying with her brother Will, and his three best friends: Nick, Harry and Mark while she finishes Uni. But being the only girl in an all boys house, can only lead to mayhem, love and laughter. Will she be able to get the grades and a guy? Who knows! Find out in 5 In A Bed!!!!


1. Car

I was leaning against the brick wall, my studded black boots crossed over at the ankles and my motorcycle just in front of me. I was playing Temple Run and listening to music, whilst waiting for my always-late-brother to pick me up. The only reason I wasn't already on my way there was because I had my suitcase, and it was really hard to balance a suitcase on a motorbike. Trust me, I learnt the hard way! My leather bomber was being scratched to pieces by the rough brickwork and my already messy hair was getting stuck on the uneven prickles.

Listening to Whistle by Flo Rida, I heard the faint sound of screeching car wheels. Looking up, I saw my brother's old pick up truck in front of me. I pulled a face as Will jumped out and gave me one of his best grins. I rolled my eyes and took out my earphones, that's when I heard the trashy rock music blaring loudly from the speakers.

"Really?" I asked folding my arms.

"Awww sis!"Will said, scrunching up his face and swamping me in one of his hugs, always succeeding in squeezing all the air out of me.

"Will.... I ....can't.... breathe." I managed to gasp, as he let me go quickly. He looked me up and down and I rolled my eyes again. He always had to be protective. I lifted up my bright pink, flowery suitcase and dumped it in his waiting arms.

"Put your bike in the back!" He called after me as I wheeled my bike behind the truck. I slowly began to lift the heavy machinery, before another pair of hands lifted it with me.

I turned around and opened my mouth, only for it to be filled with black spikes.

"Purgh!" I said moving my head away. Mark looked up and grinned wildly.

"You idiot!" I laughed playfully pushing his chest so he went reeling into the next space.

I got in the car, still laughing to be greated by all four boys grinning like idiots at me. I feared the worst and went to open the car door again.

"Annnnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabeeeeeeeelllllllllllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!" They chorused before hauling me into the middle seat and fastening my seatbelt quickly. I gave them my best fed up look. They knew I hated to be called by my long name: Annabella. I prefered Anna. It was short, sharp and cute. I put my head in my hands and stayed silent for about five minutes until their constant questions became too much. It went something like this:

"Annabella, will you cook us something?" (Nick talking there! He's always hungry)

"What did you do in the half term?" (Mark, being nosy as usual)

"How comes you've got a bike and you never take me out on it?" (Will said that, totally like him to say that.)

"Can I help you unpack?" (Harry, bit of a weird one really. But really adorable)

It was doing my head in.

"Yes.Swimming, revising and hanging with friends. Because I know you'd fall off. And NO! That's weird!" I sped talked. They all looked at me, apart from Will, he was driving the truck.

"Wooo! Go Anna!" Nick yelled enthusiastically, obviously ecstatic that I would cook something. I gave him a childish smile, crinkling my eyes up and giving him the thumbs up.

"Anna's back in the building!" Will called from the front, turning up the music. I laughed. It was good to be hanging out with my brother and his friends again. They were the only family left since Mum died last year from cancer. I still miss her but I'm 18 so I'm stronger then I actually look.

We carried on talking and through that, I discovered that Mark, was dating a popsy blonde called Elle.

"She sounds cute, I want to meet her." I smiled.

"I think she would like you, you're quite similiar." Mark said.

"Soooo Annnnnnna! Who are you going out with?" Will asked, wiggling his eyebrows in the mirror.

"Do you have to ask every time I see you?" I asked, frowning.

"What! I'm like Dad now so I have to know everything about your love life." He chuckled.

"God! I'm not going out with anyone." I said. When they all gave me looks, I added "No, seriously. I'm not. But, there was this really cute guy at this summer camp I went to and I've got his number." That shut them up. They just needed to know I had a bloke in my life and they would think I was a great person. Boys!

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