The Witness (A One Direction Fanfic)

Destiny has witnessed something... Something that... if she told anyone could mean her being hunted down and killed. However, she has a secret... And who better to find out that secret than the band One Direction.


3. Chapter 3: The Problem

I looked up and saw all 5 boys looking down at me, slightly angry and confused, none of them realising that I had finally opened my eyes.

"We didn't save the wrong girl did we?"

"NO! That's definitely Destiny... I think..."

"Oh God, what if we've kidnapped someone else by mistake?"

"Wh... What... What happened...?" I murmured.

The boys stopped and stepped back a step as I sat up straight and ran my hand through my hair. I looked around the room and didn't recognise where I was. However, my bag was on the other side of the room and as I tried to get up, I felt a huge hand firmly push me back down onto the bed. Harry bent down slightly and looked into my eyes.

"Hmm... If you are Destiny then you're eyes have changed back to the sky blue they were like originally when we met," he said. "Okay. There's only one way to find out whether you are Destiny or whether we've just saved and kidnapped a girl who looks exactly like Destiny. When we first met, you ran into the side of my car, then hitch hiked. After that you rang someone. Now I've got that name in my mind, courtesy of a phone we found in that bag." he stopped and pointed at my bag. "If you are Destiny, then tell me who you called?"

I groaned. It sounded all so confusing.

"I called Jake... I told him that I was fine and that I was going to stay at yours for a bit and implied that I was going to keep a low profile... Even though so far that hasn't worked." I said, trying to recall.

"She's Destiny." Harry smiled.

"Look, I'm not meaning to be rude but I need to get out of here... Now!" I tried to stand back up again but before I could, Harry had grabbed my hand and pulled me back down again. I sighed, getting slightly annoyed.

"Harry... Let me get my bag and leave before something bad happens." I said

"You're staying here until you are feeling better." He smiled

"NO!" I said. I stood up and the other boys stood infront of me so I couldn't get to it. I sighed.

"Sorry..." I sighed

"For what?" Louis asked.

"For this!"

Before any of them could think, I'd pushed my way past them, sending them flying to the floor. I grabbed my bag and ran downstairs. I grabbed my medication out of my bag and quickly swallowed two tablets as I ran down the hallway. Just as I opened the door, I felt a pair of hands grab my waist and pull me back inside. I tried to get free but Harry pulled me into him and slammed the door shut. He looked down at me and hugged me.

"Why are you so keen to leave? Before the incident earlier you seemed like you liked this place." he whispered.

"I cant... It's too dangerous... For you and the boys... I'm in real deep trouble and I can't get out of it." I looked up at him. "Please... Let me leave. I'll stay at Jake's for a bit. I just can't stay here. That guy from the shopping centre was the one chasing me yesterday. He probably followed the car here."

"Do you like to shop?"


"Just answer the question. Do you like shopping?

"Well yeah. Who doesn't?"

"There you go then. He probably just went to that shopping center thinking that you'd turn up sooner or later and waited to ambush you." He sighed. "Simple but effective... The idea I mean."

I nodded, knowing that that was probably the least likely scenario but I accepted it anyway.

"Look, if it makes you feel safer, you're friend... Jake... can.. stay here as well." he said, looking slightly annoyed at the fact that he had come up with this idea.

"no. it's fine. Anyway, I'm a good runner, I can get myself out of this mess without any help."



He smiled. I turned around and saw Louis, striding down the hallway towards me. Boy did he look angry. He went to hit me but I ducked and he hit Harry instead. Harry yelped and then clenched his fists. I stepped back slightly as Harry dived at Louis, sending them both tumbling to the floor. Liam, Zayn and Niall ran over and stood behind me as we watched Harry and Louis fight in complete silence. Then Harry and Louis stopped and looked up at our worried faces and started laughing.

"Had you fooled good didn't we?" Louis chuckled

"You should see your faces right now!" Harry laughed

I looked at Liam, Zayn and Niall who had realised what had happened and were trying not to look embarrassed at the fact they'd hadn't realised from the beginning. I was still confused at what had happened until Liam saw my expression and decided to tell me.

"They were play fighting again. They never have real fights it's just for a moment there we thought..." He sighed.

Harry picked himself off the floor and offered a hand to help Louis up but he was still rolling around on the floor laughing uncontrollably.

After the antics were out of the way, the boys led me into the living room and turned on the tv so we could watch a film. It was Liam's night to choose and so he chose Toy Story. The others all sighed as they sat down, Niall sat on the floor next to Zayn, Liam sat in an arm chair whilst Louis sat next to Harry on the sofa. I stood in the doorway and went to sneak out of the room but before I could, Harry said, "Don't even think about it Destiny! Come over and sit down. Louis! Move your huge arse up so Destiny can sit down with us."

The others laughed as Louis mumbled something, then moved and I walked over and sat next to Harry. He quickly pulled me into his arms and whispered, "Destiny, relax. Nothing or no one will hurt you." I smiled and leant back into him, feeling the heat from his body wash over me.

I felt something brush my face and I woke up immediately. All the boys had gone, including Harry, and I was all alone in the living room. I took a few deep breaths to calm myself before slowly and quietly standing up. I started to creep along into the hallway but just as I reached the door, I felt someone or something push me from behind. I went flying to the floor. I tried to stand up but the attacker put his foot on my back and pressed down hard. I felt pain exploding through my back. Then I heard a gun being reloaded and out of the corner of my eye, I could see the tall dark figure pointing a gun at my head. I recognised the figure... it was Harry.

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