The Witness (A One Direction Fanfic)

Destiny has witnessed something... Something that... if she told anyone could mean her being hunted down and killed. However, she has a secret... And who better to find out that secret than the band One Direction.


2. Chapter 2: Destiny or not


I slowly opened my eyes. I was on my bed. I rubbed my head and looked to my right. Harry’s head was rested on the bed whilst he sat in a chair, fast asleep. I rolled my eyes slightly and quickly but quietly slipped out of bed. I was still in the clothes I had been wearing yesterday… Or should I say… What Destiny was wearing. I walked over to a large mirror which was opposite the bed, running my hand through my short hair. I looked at my reflection questioningly. I slowly removed my jacket to reveal my halter-neck top underneath. I turned round and looked over my shoulder so I could see my reflection of my back. The long, dark red scars ran up my back and spiralled up part of my neck. My arms were black and blue from bruises from… that night… I quickly shut my eyes and clenched my fists tight shut. I took a few deep breaths to stop the images from entering my mind.   “Destiny… you’re awake…”a deep voice said.   “Yeah. And you’ve finally woken up from your little dreamies…” I joked.   “What are you doing?”   I quickly opened my eyes to see Harry awake and standing right in front of me.   “ermm. Nothing.” I replied quickly. I didn’t want to talk about it to him, or anyone.   He tilted his head slightly as if he was trying to figure out a puzzle.   “hmm.”   I rolled my eyes again and pulled on my jacket before he could see the scars or bruises. Harry walked closer to me. He looked into my green eyes.   “Do your eyes change colour regularly?” He asked with a smirk.   “Why…?”   “Because your eyes were blue yesterday… And now they’re green.”   “Oh… Well… Yeah… Occasionally.”   “hmm.”   At that moment, the door opened and Louis stood there, looking shocked at how close to each other Harry and I were. Louis instantly stomped into the room. He grabbed Harry’s hand and, gave me another glare, before pulling Harry out of the room. I sighed. That was close. They couldn’t find out this secret about me… No one could. I looked at what I was wearing once more before rummaging in my bag and grabbing some shorts and a strappy black top and a pair of high top shoes, perfect for if I had to make a quick getaway I thought. After I changed, I walked downstairs and into the kitchen. I quickly made myself a sandwich and a drink of coke, I know I shouldn’t drink coke first thing in the morning but if I didn’t then I wouldn’t be on my toes 24/7. I heard the boys walk into the kitchen and smiled at them. Louis instantly pulled Harry into his arms and mouthed something along the lines of Don’t even think about touching my Harry. I raised an eyebrow and as soon as Harry looked at me, I winked. That certainly made Louis angry. I smiled to myself.  For a second I forgot that the boys were in the room and I started singing to myself. What if I wanted to break, Laugh it all off in your face, What would you do?   “Ermm, Destiny… Why are you singing? Especially that song?” Niall asked in his sexy Irish accent.   I stopped. “Oh. Sorry, forgot you guys were here for a moment.”   I sighed. I grabbed my drink and quickly left the kitchen. After I’d finished my drink, I walked out of the house and into London. I wandered around the shopping centre for a while before I suddenly saw a figure I recognised. The figure was dressed all in black. I saw it raise its hand which held something in it. Someone screamed. Gunshots started firing. I quickly threw myself to the ground. Shit. They’d found me. I slowly crawled along the floor, aiming to make my escape through the door. Just as I was about to crawl through the door, I felt something heavy fall onto my back. I tried not to cry out but the pain was unbearable. It was all my fault… Not Destiny’s… If I hadn’t witnessed it then none of this would be happening to us. Next thing I knew, the heavy thing that had fallen onto my back was lifted and I was being carried by a curly haired boy across a car park towards a Range Rover. He put me in the back seat whilst the others strapped me in. As Harry drove like a maniac, Niall, Louis, Liam and Zayn kept asking me questions but I couldn’t answer. It hurt to do anything. “Destiny? Stay with us girl” Niall said. “Yeah, stay with us. I didn’t mean to be horrible to you!” Louis cried. “My… name… isn’t… Destiny…” I managed to say before passing out.  
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