The Witness (A One Direction Fanfic)

Destiny has witnessed something... Something that... if she told anyone could mean her being hunted down and killed. However, she has a secret... And who better to find out that secret than the band One Direction.


1. Chapter 1: A run in with One Direction

Okay... There are a few things I need to tell you and some rules I need to set. Firstly, whatever I tell you, do not do or repeat to anyone. Secondly, don't trust me... EVER. Thirdly, I'm different...

The name's Destiny. Or... at least I think that's my name. I'm 17. I was born in England, in a small town named London... Well, I say it's small, it's a huge city, the capital infact, but for some bizarre reason I still think it's small. I have one best friend. Elizabeth. She’s the prettier one out of the two of us but I’m the one with the brains. I don't trust her and she doesn't trust me... or should I say this self... You'll understand later... I witnessed something... Something I shouldn't have... I'm running... Running for my life.

I sat bolt right in my bed. The images and noises of blood, screaming and death still stuck in my mind. I had to keep moving. I couldn't stay here. Not anymore. I quickly grabbed my things from by my bedroom door. I slung my bag over my shoulder and flung the door open and ran downstairs. The wake up alarm went off on my phone and I quickly hit the silent button. As I ran out into the quiet street, I stopped. Something wasn't right. I turned to my right to see a dark figure standing in the distance.


The blood rushing across the floor... The eyes losing their shine... The lifeless body hitting the floor with a loud crunch as every bone broken within...


I quickly turned and started running in the other direction. I could hear the dark figure running after me and shouting something but nothing would stop me from making my escape. I quickly pulled out my phone and dialled the first number.

"Jake, they've found me" I shouted down the phone, not slowing down my running pace.

"Oh God! Okay, we need to get you out of there! We're coming for you. We'll track your phone. Now hang up and run!" Jake said hastily.

I slammed the phone shut and pushed it into my pocket. I ran as fast as I could. I could hear the figure catching up with me.

Suddenly a car pulled out in front of me... and I ran straight into it as I’m not very clever when it comes to getting out of the way of things. Slow reaction time.

Pain erupted through my chest. I looked behind me and saw the figure getting closer by the second. There was only one thing for it. I opened the car door and jumped inside. A boy with brown curly hair stared at me in shock.

"DRIVE... NOW!" I shouted at him.

He saw the anger and desperation in my eyes and stepped on the accelerator pedal just as the figure was about to open the door. I sighed as I looked in the wing mirror to see the figure now just a blur in the distance.

"Want to explain to me what's going on? First, you ran into my car and now you're hitch hiking!" the boy said angrily.

"Look, I'm sorry okay but if you hadn't have..."

"If I hadn't have what?”


“It's not like that guy was going to kill you or anything. He was probably going to tell you that you dropped something or… something along those lines."

I looked at the floor and gulped. The boy looked over at me for a second.

"Shit. Sorry, me and my big mouth. Name's Harry, Harry Styles." he said, "If you need somewhere to stay for a bit you could crash at mine?"

"Don't worry you couldn't have known," I smiled, "Would you really mind if I stayed at yours?"

He smiled at me, "Well you're hot so I suppose..."

I rolled my eyes then remembered that I needed to ring Jake. I dialled his number on my phone.

"Destiny? What's happened? Where are you? They aren't hurting you are they?" Jake started ambushing me with questions.

"Jake calm down, I'm fine. I sorta got a lift out of there..." I looked at Harry, "And just in time too. Would've been mashed potato if it wasn't for him."

Harry smirked and whispered, "I like potatoes."

I chuckled and filled Jake in with all of the details.

Eventually, after calming him down, I was about to hang up when he said, “Destiny, if you have to remember only one thing, do not trust anyone. No matter how nice. Nobody is ever what they seem.”

I quickly hung up, not wanting to hear any more of what he had to say and put my phone in my pocket. So yeah, Jake was a police officer but I didn’t trust him. I don’t trust anyone any more… Not since then.

The car stopped and Harry got out. I opened the door and got out. There was a massive house which looked like it could've been built for royalty right in front of me. I looked up for a couple of seconds at the grand building as Harry unlocked the front door and we both walked inside.

"Hey guys." Harry called out.

"Hazza!" shouted a boy with light brown hair which was all swept to one side. He immediately pulled Harry into a hug and smiled, "You took you're time. I was starting to worry about you my little munchkin."

I couldn't help but giggle, talk about the gayness and cheesiness this guy portrayed. He immediately looked at me and gave me an evil glare as I realised I had said that out loud.

"Hazza! Are you cheating on me with a hot girl?" He asked, slightly annoyed and started prodding Harry in the arm.

"Louis calm down, she was just in a bit of trouble… So I said she could stay here for a couple of nights. Don't worry Boo Bear no one will ever replace you." Harry replied calmly.

"Definitely gay and cheesy." I laughed.

Louis gave me another glare before taking Harry by the hand and walking off. I followed slowly, trying to take in all of my surroundings, which was a bit stupid of me because at that moment I walked straight into someone. We both fell, tumbling to the floor. I rubbed my head as the person I had just knocked over stood up and ran his hand through his blonde hair. He smiled and offered me his hand. I took it as he helped me up. He smiled.

"Niall, I thought you would have been in the kitchen eating by now," two guys called both at the same time. One had black hair with a streak of blonde and his hair had been styled into a little quiff, whilst the other boy had extremely short hair and a small birthmark on his neck.

"That's Zayn" Harry shouted and the guy with black hair waved, "And that's Liam." The other boy winked at me. "Guys this is..." Harry began but couldn't finish as I had never told him my name.

"Destiny... The name's Destiny. Harry's invited me over for a while." I smiled.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Harry look at me properly for the first time and I saw his eyes widen slightly as he smirked. After all of the boys had introduced themselves properly, Niall showed me up to my new room. He shut the door behind him as he went back downstairs. I searched through my bag until I found my medicine and was about to take it, when I suddenly crashed to the floor. I felt my whole body spasm and my eyes started to flicker... This couldn't happen... Not now.

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