Grovel Greg, Grovel Part 1

Greg, a shy and naive 19 year-old, decides to take his chances in the big city.

He must pitch his wits against racism, unemployment, and people who want to take advantage of his inexperience.

But things don’t go well, and by the Autumn, he has disappeared from the face of the Earth.

Or has he?

Parts 1 and 2 are set in 1976.

In Part 3, set in the present day, his sister sets out to discover what really happened.

One chapter will be published on Movellas each day, until the story reaches its gripping conclusion.


5. Christmas

December, 1975


And Greg was right, nothing did happen; not for the time being anyway, except for the slipping-by of Christmas, made more challenging this year by a toilet roll shortage.


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"While shepherds washed their socks by night all eating fish n'chips,

The Angel of the Lord came down and charged them two n'six."

(Sang by children in the playground when Greg was at school).


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