Grovel Greg, Grovel Part 1

Greg, a shy and naive 19 year-old, decides to take his chances in the big city.

He must pitch his wits against racism, unemployment, and people who want to take advantage of his inexperience.

But things don’t go well, and by the Autumn, he has disappeared from the face of the Earth.

Or has he?

Parts 1 and 2 are set in 1976.

In Part 3, set in the present day, his sister sets out to discover what really happened.

One chapter will be published on Movellas each day, until the story reaches its gripping conclusion.


10. April, 1976

It is Friday night on the 9th April 1976. Greg is to be found at his desk in his bedroom, but he is too upset to write in his journal. Besides, it is packed-away in the old suitcase that is near his bed. For tomorrow he is off to London. He stares at the suitcase. He is amazed that he has managed to fit all of his belongings into such a small bag! He is amazed that he has been able to cajole himself into getting the whole project off the ground. But Greg feels no thrill, or elation- by this stage in his grand plan: by now he is convinced that he is doing the wrong thing. He feels very sentimental about anything connected with his nice, predictable life in Bury St. Edmunds. Every time he thinks of his parents or his sister, tears well in his eyes. He knows he must go-through with his plan (he would lose face otherwise), but he tells himself that he will just give it a few weeks, maybe only two, and then he will come back. His parents will surely give him his room back, and then he will look for a job, any job, in Bury. He tries to settle himself by not thinking of his family. But even inanimate objects around the town like the Wimpy where he once had knickerbocker glory with his Mum for doing well at school, or the Focus cinema where he saw Jaws with Madge, lead to wistful remembrances. He decides that the best thing to do is to go to bed and get some kip.

    But sleep is difficult tonight: when he shuts his eyes, he sees the living room downstairs with its swirly brown and orange carpet, and the mantelpiece with its apparently pointless ornaments. Suddenly he understands the point of them – they turn your house into your home. He lies on one side, then rolls over to the other, trying to get comfortable. Eventually he drifts into a fitful sleep, punctuated by bizarre dreams. In one dream he is in London where he is accosted by a homosexual man who proceeds to try to touch him. Greg decides to push him away. Greg thinks it will be easy to push him away as he has assumed that all homosexuals are puny (like Norman Scott or Kenneth Williams). But this guy is built like a scrum-half and he just cannot shake him off. At this point Greg wakes-up. He lies there for a while, wondering why he has had this dream. 'Why do I never dream of brunettes?' he asks himself. Somewhere out there, waiting for him, is that little Italianate girl with brown hair, brown eyes and a pretty brown face.


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