This story is one i wrote myself.
I hope you enjoy it.
warning , this gave me the chills so watch out


1. Short story

There once was a 13 year old girl called Alex , she had been in a care home since she was 7 but no one would tell her why? She was medium hight , her hair was blond and her eyes were green. On her thirteenth birthday , Alex was adopted by a young couple who couldnt have children they fell in love with her after seeing her picture on her records. That same day the came to her new home but her new father also collapsed after having terrible chest pain. Her new mother took the dad to the hospital overnight and she told Alex to stay home and finish her homework project and that she would be back by midnight. So alex carried on her homework untill 2 am , She hadn't kept track of time and thought her mother was in traffic so she decided not to worry and go to sleep.

At 6pm the next day Alex found that her parents were still not home yet and she started to worry , to take her mind off of things she turned on the tv. Whilst watching the tv she happened to glance out of her window. A homeless man was staring at her from no more that two feet from her window. She , of course, screamed and ran upstairs into her bedroom convinced it was only her imagionation and carried on watching tv.

About twenty minutes later , the same man was at her window , only closer this time. She ran back down into the living room and began reading a book. The man appeared again , even closer , as if he were hiding behind a chair. She ran to the nearest phone and called her parents , they were finally on their way home when Alex told them what has happened. Her father hesitated , then told her that there were no windows in their house , only mirrors.

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