Live Laugh Love

Heeey Im Smartie Jane Alexandra Horan, yes horan! I am Niall Horan's Twin Sister! We Look Bassicly egsactly the same, but im a girl and have long hair! anyway, Im Smartie, I have Long Blonde Wavy Hair Which is Dip-Died Hot Pink and Purple at the ends, i have Ocean Blue Eyes and i have a 6-pack,
I have the most amazing boyfriend, Justin Bieber.
Niall and him are best friends so of corse niall trusts him,
~A Justin bieber love story~


3. Laza Tag and The Blue Light Disco!

Smartie's P.O.V

We Just got to Laza tag and are getting our stuff, okay we got all of it now its time for teams "Okay how many of us is there" Asked Niall, "12, 6 on each team" Said Liam "I dibs going with smartie" Said Justin grabbing onto my waist "haha okay babe" i said "Okay fine Justin~Smartie, Niall~Demi, Zayn~Perrie, on one team and us guys on the other" Said Liam "Okay" Said Smartie. both teams went to there base, we got our plans and we set off. Me and justin went up to a second leval that no one knew about, we saw harry so we both shot him from different angles "OI WHO SHOT ME" screamed harry me and justin laughed "Smartie! is that you!" he went to walk off we shot him again he muttered a few curse words under his breath,

Louis ran up to us "Got anyone?" he asked Yeah we have got harry about 10 times and the rest of them about 3" answerd Justin "What about you" i asked "I have got all of them atleast once" said Louis, "Okay well get outta here" Said Justin, Harry Walked past again so Me, Lou And Justin shot him at the same time but from different angles he muttered a few more curse words under his breath but just walked away, the buzzer went and we went to check out the scores YAY! me and justin came a tie YAY! my team one over all! it was time to leave!

Justin's P.O.V

We are going home to get ready for the blue light and we are gonna be the number one people there, we are now at home and getting ready about 20 mins later we were all ready, Smartie looked fucking hot, She was wearing, purple stone~wash ripped skinny jeans, White Tank Top That Had Some sorta wierd picture on it, her purple Bieber varsity jacket, her black vans and some make up :) DAYMN1 i have a fucking sexy girlfriend.

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