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Heeey Im Smartie Jane Alexandra Horan, yes horan! I am Niall Horan's Twin Sister! We Look Bassicly egsactly the same, but im a girl and have long hair! anyway, Im Smartie, I have Long Blonde Wavy Hair Which is Dip-Died Hot Pink and Purple at the ends, i have Ocean Blue Eyes and i have a 6-pack,
I have the most amazing boyfriend, Justin Bieber.
Niall and him are best friends so of corse niall trusts him,
~A Justin bieber love story~


9. His Or mine?

Smartie's P.O.V

I looked at the pregnancy test Oh Mai Gohd

"JUSTIN!!!!!" I Screamed

Justin Came Running in

"Baby What wrong" He asked With A Worried Tonekid

I just passed him the pregnancy test

he smiled. he actuly looked happy

"Are you mad" I Asked

"Smartie, Why would i be mad! We are gonna have a kid! do ya know how much i wanna have a baby" He said and smiled

"Yeah but i thaug-" Justin Cut me off by saying

"Smartie, you thaught wrong" He then kissed me and then Niall walked in 

"AHHHHHHHH MY EYES, MY EYES AHHHHHH" He Scremed Whilst Covering His Eyes, Me and Justin just started laughing

"Wait Whats That" Niall Asked Pointing to the Pregnancy Test

"oh crap" i Said 

"wanna tell him" Justin Asked

i nodded

"Niall, Smartie is pregnant" Said Justin

"Oh My God Im SO Happy for you, IM GONNA BE AN UNCLE" Niall Smeed excited


A/N~ Sorry for the short Chapter :) will make a long one tomorrow

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