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Heeey Im Smartie Jane Alexandra Horan, yes horan! I am Niall Horan's Twin Sister! We Look Bassicly egsactly the same, but im a girl and have long hair! anyway, Im Smartie, I have Long Blonde Wavy Hair Which is Dip-Died Hot Pink and Purple at the ends, i have Ocean Blue Eyes and i have a 6-pack,
I have the most amazing boyfriend, Justin Bieber.
Niall and him are best friends so of corse niall trusts him,
~A Justin bieber love story~


10. baby bieber

"justin! My water broke!" Scremed smartie

Justin hurried her to the hospital an called everyone who needed to know. 

After 17 hours An amazing Baby Bieber entered the world. 

"Its a girl" said the doctor as she handed the baby to smartie

"Whats her name" asked one of the nurses

"Im not sure yet" said Smartie

"Well for now we will call her Baby girll Bieber" Siad the first nurse

After an hour they finally had a name for her Abby Paige Bieber.  

Niall came in and saw hsi little niece.

"She's and angel" Said niall

everyone was now in the room sorunding Abby and Smartie

everyone had fallen in love with her

the next day Smartie left the hospital and paps were everywhere taking photos of Abby, Smartie and Justin. 

Abby started crying so they ran to the car jumped in and drove off. 

once they got home Abby had falled asleep. Justin held her and Smartie put a movie on they watched the movie and fell asleep as a family


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