Live Laugh Love

Heeey Im Smartie Jane Alexandra Horan, yes horan! I am Niall Horan's Twin Sister! We Look Bassicly egsactly the same, but im a girl and have long hair! anyway, Im Smartie, I have Long Blonde Wavy Hair Which is Dip-Died Hot Pink and Purple at the ends, i have Ocean Blue Eyes and i have a 6-pack,
I have the most amazing boyfriend, Justin Bieber.
Niall and him are best friends so of corse niall trusts him,
~A Justin bieber love story~


4. At The Blue Light<3

Niall's P.O.V

we just got to the blue light, the music is loud and when 'As long as you love me' came on justin and smartie went off and danced,  after an hour i went out for some fresh air but when i went out i saw justin  kissing some slut in a tight fucking black dress and that was NOT Smartie! i ran over to him and pulled him off at punched him in the face and screamed "Justin! How could you do this to my fucking sister!" I screamed while still punching him

Justin's P.O.V

Niall was punching the crap out of me, i deserved it "Niall you dont get it" i screamed back "NO!i do you were just making out with this slut with tounges and everything!" Screamed Niall, "WHAT" is all i heard but i knew it was smartie she ran off outside and i saw Selena run after her wait why was Selena here

Louis pulled niall off me and i just walked into the mens toliets 

"Bro what the fuck were ya thinking" said Harry walking in after me

"Bro im sorry, she fucking kissed me" i said 

"yeah well dont be apoligising to me" siad Harry walking out

~Authors Note~ 

Hmm what wil happen with Justin and Smartie will there be forgivness or heartbreak?


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