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Heeey Im Smartie Jane Alexandra Horan, yes horan! I am Niall Horan's Twin Sister! We Look Bassicly egsactly the same, but im a girl and have long hair! anyway, Im Smartie, I have Long Blonde Wavy Hair Which is Dip-Died Hot Pink and Purple at the ends, i have Ocean Blue Eyes and i have a 6-pack,
I have the most amazing boyfriend, Justin Bieber.
Niall and him are best friends so of corse niall trusts him,
~A Justin bieber love story~


1. About Smartie∆

Hey Im Smartie, Smartie Jane Alexandra Horan, Im Niall Horan's Twin Sister, I Have Long Blonde Wavy Hair That Has Pink And Purple Dip-Dyed Ends, I Have Ocean Blue Eyes Just Like Niall's, i look bassicly exactly the same,  But 1~I Am A Girl 2~I have boobs 3~ I Have Long Hair

I Have the most amazing boyfriend in the world, im dating Justin Bieber, My best friends are beautiful and awesome, my bffls are, Cara Jane Alexandra Taylor, Wow what a coincidence same middle names, and my other bffls are, Selena Gomez, Ashley benson and Lucy Hale, Cara goes to my school but the other three, well you guys know who they are, anyway so im the most popular girl in school, and no its not coz Niall is my brother, (Niall Is In one Direction) i was popular before then, have been since elementry school, i have a massive group of friends, boys and girls, i ride my skate borad every were! and i mean every were! i were skate shoes everyday and colored or black jeans and a printed tank top and a leather jacket and skater shit like that! i love my fucking life!

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