House of Anubis: the Secret Club of the Old Willow & the Secret of the Tomb (bundle)

Nina Martin is new in the House of Anubis, but she'd prefer to go away from it immediately. The residents of the orphan are mean and try to bully her away. To become a part of the group, Nina must go to the forbidden loft of the house. There she discovers a big secret. Nina is determined to solve the eighty years old mystery. And that's something she perhaps better shouldn't do...
NOTES: I did not write this story myself, I translated the Dutch books of "House of Anubis". Please excuse me if I made mistakes, I'm not a pro translator. / The Dutch characters Rufus Malpied and Zeno Terpstra were split into one character in the English remake. So Rufus and Zeno are two different characters. / In the Dutch version Mara leaves in the 3rd book and is replaced by another girl named Noa.


1. The House of Anubis

Go to chapter 32 for extra information, notes character biography's and differences between the Dutch version and English remake!

Nina was sitting in the taxi and holding her grandma's hand tight. She had stomacheache from the nerves. She already had stomacheache for days because she had to say goodbye, and now it was almost going to happen. She looked outside. The trees went by in a green haze.
If only the taxi drive could take forever, she thought, sober. Then she wouldn't have to go the orphan. She wanted to go back to her grandma's cozy house on the Mountain Street where she had lived for twelve years. Where it smelled like caramel and lavender and where her grandma still put her to bed every night when she was laying in the antique bedstead in the upper room under the cozy plating roof. But tomorrow had been the last time she woke up under that plating roof. The house was sold.
Nina sighed and hid her sad face behinde her long brown hair.
"I'm sure you'll have a great time," grandma said, and she pinched in Nina's hand. "It must be way better to live with people your own age instead of an old cake like me, don't you think?" Nina nodded brave.
The taxi stopped and the taxi driver turned around. "Ladies, we're there. The House of Anubis," he muttered from under his mustache. He look through the windscreen of the car.
"Cozy place, if I may say," he said, sarcastic.
Nina looked through the window, curious, but her sight was hattered by a black van whose door was slammed shut with a bang. The bus pulled over with squealing tires, which caused a sea of gravel to spurt.
"Well, well, someone's in a hurry," the taxi driver muttered, while he examined the van that drove off the driveway in top speed. But Nina barely heard it. She stared through the car window to the big, dark house that was laying in the dark bushes threateningly. Gray green ivy covered an old-fashioned facade and on the left side a pointy little tower came out upon the roof. The many windows seemed to be staring at her. The house looked creepy and mysterious, like it was hiding a secret inside.
So this is the House of Anubis, Nina thought, and a shiver ran down her back. Did she really have to live here? She looked from the dark house to her grandma, but she nodded at her, encouragingly. The taxi driver quickly opened the door and the back. He quickly put Nina's suitcase on the ground. It almost seemed like he was in hurry to get away again.
"Come, I'll wave you out."
Nina's grandma wanted to climb out of the taxi, but Nina stopped her.
"Granny, you really don't have to, I'll be fine," she said, and she hugged her.
"I'll miss you, little bunny," grandma said. "And if anything's wrong, you can always call me, right?" She smiled, but had tears in her eyes. Nina wiped with her sleeve down her own eyes. She didn't want to cry. Why couldn't she just go with her to the retirement? Then she wouldn't have to set feet in this nasty house. But she knew she couldn't do that. She swallowed and quickly stepped out of the car.
"I'll be fine, really." With difficulty she lifted up her suitcase. "I call soon."
"Wait!" Her grandma picked something out of her bag and gave it to Nina through the open window. It was a little lucky doll. "If you keep this with you, nothing will happen to you."
"Thank you, granny," Nina said, touched. She opened the door, gave her grandma a kiss on her soft cheek and quickly closed the door again, while she felt the tears burning her eyes.
"Goodbye little bunny, be tough!" Her grandma waved out the window and the taxi tooted again.
Only after the car drove down the whole driveway and was completely out of sight, Nina looked at the house again. She was shocked. It almost seemed like a shadow was looking at her from behind one of the windows. She shook her head, her imagination was taking control of her. Carefully she walked on the steps of the platform. The door was ajar. Nina softly pushed the door open a little further and set a step inside. It was deadly quiet in the hallway.
She was shocked when the door slammed with a bang. The sound reflected against the walls. When the sound died, it seemed even more quiet than before.
"Hello?," she shouted again, a little louder this time. She walked a few steps into the hallway. It almost seemed like she stepped into another century. On a dark red wall right from her were hanging the heads of stuffed animals. A deer with huge antlers stared at her with dead eyes, and there was hanging a big roar with threatening tusks. An old wooden staircase went to the upper floor.
"Nina Martin?"
Nina dropped her suitcase out of her hands from the shock, which landed on the tiling with a dull bang. In front her was standing a tall, skinny man with thin grey hair. He was wearing an old yellow vest an brown trousers. Behind his hooked nose were two small eyes, with one of them a little standing to the outside. That could've been funny, but he stared at her so creepily, that a shiver ran down Nina's back.
"I... I'm Nina..." she stammered, shy. Nina reached out her hand.
The man wiped a fatty lock out of his face and ignored her outreached hand. "You're late. We want punctuality and cleanliness here."
Nina swallowed. "Who are you?," she asked, bashful, while she dropped her hand.
"Victor Emanuel Rodenmaar," the man said, lacial, with compressed lips. "I am the supervisor of this orphan. Grab your suitcase, then I guide you the way." He walked towards two portraits that hung on the wall left. Victor told Nina that this was the couple Frobisher-Smyhte ("killed in a tragedic car accident," Victor told her), the has gotten in hands of Victors grandfather. From then on, the house went from father to son.
Nina looked to at the two serious painted faces and thought they looked creepily real. She followed Victor to a photo on the other side of the hallway. "Residents 2005" it said, and eight faces were smiling at her: a pretty blond girl, a boy with black short curls, a girl with bright red hair... But she didn't have much time to look, cause Victor was impatiently ticking with his foot on the floor: they had to continue again.
While he showed her the kitchen, Victor spread out about the hondred thousand rules they had to obey. At stroke of the clock ten to bed, a half hour internet a day, no televisiom when it's still light... The list of rules was cubits long and the chore list on the fridge also looked kind of frightening, Nina thought, and Victor wasn't ready at all: no feet on the coffee table, always use a coaster, clean your stuff when you're done with it, no books left unattended, you have to take them with you to your room...
Nina wondered if she could ever remember all of this. It was dizzy in her head.
Luckily she could take a breath for a while when a very kind woman with auburn curls walked into the living room. It was Trudy, she cooked and washed for the residents. She had spontaniously dropped all her laundry out of her hand, pinched Nina sweet in her cheek and invited her to come drink some tea when she was finished with the tour and packed out her stuff.
Nina immediately liked Trudy, but she didn't know as good what to think of the house. She was creeped out by all the stuffed animals who were also standing everywhere in the living room. The living room looked like it just came out of an old English detective show and there was a fire with an old-fashioned chimney, with leather couches standing in front of them. The top speed tour continued, up on the staircase to Victor's office that was laying on a platform between the first and second floor. The front wall was almost completely made from glass.
That was probably to keep an eye on everyone, Nina thought, and she stepped into the office. Along the walls were standing wooden shelves with endles rows of jars with beasts (or just parts of beasts) on strong water in them. On the sealing hung a big white swan with his wings spread, like it was frozen from the cold by surprise during his fly. A black raven was sitting on the desk. Nina curiously walked towards it and reached out her hand.
"Hands off," Victor said, fierce. "This is Corvuz."
His eyes got a mild glow when he looked at the bird. Nina took another good look: Corvuz was stuffed, too. His black were deadly staring at her,
"The boys sleep downstairs, the girls upstairs. After ten everybody has to be in his room and there is no walking around, understand?," Victor said while he left his office and walked on the stairs that lead to a hallway. Nina saw a big board on one of the door saying 'Patricia watches here, enter at your own risk' and she wondered which one of the girls on the picture was Patricia. 
"Patricia and Mara are sleeping there," Victor said. Then he walked to the next door in the hall. "And that's were you sleep."
"And who sleeps there?," Nina asked, curious, and pointed at the door at the end of the hall.
"You're not allowed to come there," Victor said immediately.
"But - what is there then?," Nina asked, timid.
"It's strictly forbidden to enter the loft, got that?" Victor looked at her treatheningly.
Nina nodded again.
Victor soaked his eyes off and walked to the door they were standing close to. "This is your room," he said while he opened the door and bearded Nina to go inside. "Just go unpack your suitcase. The other will arrive from school any minute, then you can also..."
He suddenly stopped, walked to a closed and pulled a sticked from it. Nina only just saw that there was standing 'Joy' on it.
"Who's Joy?," she asked.
Victor didn't respond, but pulled a bottle and a cloth out of his chest pocket. A sharp smell spread around the room when put some cleaning solution on the cloth and cleaned out the last pieces of the sticker.
"Who's Joy?," Nina asked again. "Did she live here first?"
"That's not your business. Just unpack your suitcase."
Victor walked out of the room and closed the door with a bang. She listened to his footsteps who sounded hollow on the wooden floor of the hall.
What was this, Nina thought. Who was this scary man? She grabbed her phone out of her bag. She hád to call her grandma now, she just couldn't be alright with this, that she had to sleep in a house with a man creepy like that? How did she know what he was doing at night?
Nina held the phone to her ear, but she heard nothing at all. She looked at the receiver on the screen. Zero stripes. That too, she thought. No reach. What did she have to do now? 
Sighing, she collapsed on the empty bed. She had not felt so bad in times. She didn't want to be in this house at all. She didn't care if her grandma said it was nice to live with people her own age. Nina pulled up her legs and put her arms around her knees. She looked around the room. Her part was empty, but the other side of the room was chock-full. A big pink mosquito net hung up on the other bed and on a make-up table stood the biggest make-up collection Nina had ever seen. There were a few photos hanging on it. For a minute Nina forgot how bad she felt and curiously she walked towards the photos on the wall. She recognized the very pretty blond girl from the photo down in the hallway. On one photo she was riding a horse, on another photo she was laying brown tanned at an azure pool. In her hand she was holding a glas with a little parasol in it and she smiled with her shining white teeth into the camera. On a few other photos she saw a handsome guy with green eyes. Nina thought that he looked like a model or someone from some sort boyband. 'Amber and Mick', she read on one of them. So the handsome guy was Mick and he was probably Amber's boyfriend. 
That's the name of my new roommate, Nina thought. She was only hoping that Amber would be a nice girl.
She collapsed back on her bed, opened her suitcase and closed it again, embarrased. Compared to Amber's stuff her things suddenly seemed childish. Did she really had to bring her entire collection of pluchen animals? She put her suitcase back open and first hid her diary safely under the matras. Then she pulled her Garfield-slippers out of her suitcase. Nina cheated at Amber's bed. At the end of her bed were standing two high heels with red feathers on them. Nina sighed and pushed her slippers far under her bed.

Ten minutes later she was shocked from a big bang that came somewhere from under the house. She dropped the shirt she was holding in her hands back in the suitcase and stood up. Carefully she opened the door. Downstairs in the hallway sounded furious screams and the next moment hurried footsteps on the staircase. Nina quickly closed the door again and sat back on the bed. Actually she would prefer to crawl under the bed next to her slippers, but she had no time for that anymore, cause three counts later the door was thrown open. There was the girl from the picture. She was wearing a long suede beige jacket that looked really expensive and her whole face was covered with soot. Her blue eyes looked mad at the black on her jacket.
"Stupid Alfie with his jokes. Look at me, my whole jacket ruined," she muttered to herself. She tried to beat the soot off of her jacket, but it didn't work. Only then she looked up and saw Nina.
"Hi," she said.
Nina tried to put a smile on her face. Amber looked at her speechless for a few seconds, then throwed her shoulder bag on the ground and started to yell.
"WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!," she screamed.
"I'm going to live here," Nina said and she stepped off the bed.
"Oh no, not at all," Amber said. Her face turned red underneath the soot. She looked like there could come smoke out of her ears any moment and she put her arms around each other, bossy. 
"This is Joy's bed. Where is she?"
"I don't know," Nina softly said.
That was appearently not the answer that Amber wanted to hear. In two steps she stood at the bed and grabbed Nina's stuff together.
"You don't belong here, do you hear me!," she driftly said and she threw Nina's stuff back into her suitcase. She closed the suitcase and dragged the colossus to the door.
"Wait...," Nina said, but Amber didn't listen.
"Go away you, this room is mine and Jóy's." Amber threw Nina's suitcase with power in the hall. It jumped open and Nina's clothes and pluchen animals flew all around. "When I come back later, you are gone!," she shouted and she stumped down the staircase.

When Nina later came into the living room, shy, seven pairs of eyes stared at her, hostile. 
"And who may you be?," a girl with short red hair sharply asked. But before Nina could answer, Victor appeared in the doorway and put a clammy hand on her shoulder. 
"This is Nina Martin, Patricia. She is the new resident," he said and he glacially looked with his one eye to the rest. 
"The new resident?," the red-haired girl, who appearently was Patricia, asked indignantly. "And what about Joy then?"
"Joy is gone," Victor said.
Patricia looked at him full of unbelieve. "What do you mean, 'gone'? Where then?"
"I can't tell you that."
"But... that makes no sense!," Patricia yelled, but Victor raised his hand as a sign that she should shut her mouth.
"Joy is gone, and that's the end of story. This is Nina, and she's going to take Joy's place."
Nina was still uncomfortably standing in the doorway.
Patricia jumped up. "Just go away with your Nina!," she driftly screamed. She fiercly looked af Nina. "What are you doing here?"
"Well, well, Patricia, that's not a way to welcome someone?" Trudy came into the room with a teapot and a bow with cookies.
"Yummie! Self-made choco-cookies!," one of the guys yelled enthousiastly and grabbed the bowl. He immediately put the whole cookie into his mouth. 
"Alfie! Joy is gone and you're talking about cookies!," Patricia shouted and she hashed out at his dark curls, but he quickly dove away and picked another cookie from the bowl.
"Don't think you're welcome here," Patricia said to Nina, mad, and with raised head she left the room. Nina felt deeply miserable. With half bown head she still stood in the doorway. Her feet felt like they were taped to the carpet,
"Nina, come and join us," Trudy said and she bearded to the empty seat next to her. 
"If she joins, I leave," Amber said and she walked along Nina out of the room.
Nina desperately swallowed her tears and sat down. She was now absolutely sure that it wasn't fun at all to live with people your own age, like her grandma said.

After dinner every rest of hope Nina had that she would have a good time in the house was burned to ash. Patricia had stared at her, hostile, during the whole dinner, and Alfie had thrown spaghetti in her face, which made the others burst out of laughter. Further on, all seven residents had completely ignored her. Nobody had introduced him- or herself to her and even her grandma had not been able to cheer her up on the phone. Nina was relieved when Victor had told that it was ten o'clock which meant time to go to bed.
She stood at her bed and pulled on her hearts pyjama. She heard a soft laugther from Amber out of the other bed and ashamed she slipped under her duvet. Quickly she pulled the blanket till her chin.
The door went open. A small dark-haired girl in a men's pyjama stood in the doorway.
"Hey Ambie," she softly said. She quickly looked at Nina, but then ignored her.
"Mara, watch out, Victor will come. Then you can brush the toilets with your toothbrush tomorrow," Amber whispered.
"Is everything okay with you? You looked a little down at dinner," Mara asked and she plopped on Amber's bed.
Amber sat straight up and turned a hairlock around her finger. Her nails were polished light pink with little glimming stones in it.
"Nice nail polish," Mara said.
"Yeah, nice right? I could do yours, too," Amber enthousiastly said, but Mara shook her head.
"That's just nothing for me, crazy - but er..." She looked at Amber, questioning.
"Well, I don't know. Mick's acting a little vague. I just wonder... Just never mind." Amber laid back, frustraded. 
"If you want to talk, you know where to find me, right?" Mara stood up. "I could go back to bed now before Victor does his round."
She slipped through the door and softly closed it behind her. Amber sighed, turned around and turned off the light without saying anything. "Good night," Nina said, but she already knew Amber would not say anything back.
She looked around her. The moon shin half through the curtains, making weird shadows on the walls. Something cracked above her head. She thought about Victor who would also be somewhere in the house right now and a shive ran down her back. She closer her eyes and tried to see images that she would just be laying under the plating roof of her old house again, but it didn't work because of the creepy sounds in the house. If only Nook, her white pluchen bunny, would lay next to her, then perhaps she'd feel safer in this cold, scary house. But Nook laid in the suitcase under her bed. 
Nina pushed her head under the blankets and quietly started to cry.

Two days later, on wednesday afternoon, Nina cycled to the retirement in a watery sun. She thought about the Anubis house. After that terrible night where in she hadn't closed an eye, the next morning one of the guys - Fabian - had introduced himself to her. After Fabian the rest had followed him, except for Patricia, who kept staring at her, mad.
But well, it was a start, Nina thought. At least Fabian seemed to her like a nice good and he was extremely good at school. During history he had even made the new teacher Jason Winkler shy, because he had caught him on a wrong date. According to Jason the Children's Crusade had been in 1202, and Fabian had raised his hand and blandly asserted that the Children's Crusade had been in 1212. And he was right!
Nina grinned. Jason had taken it sportive. He had walked to Fabian's desk, made an old-fashioned bow and said: "I recognize in you my number, crusader Fabian".
She parked her bike to a tree next to a big green pond where a fee duck were having a noisy fight and walked to the low white building. Suddenly she saw that her grandma was sitting outside on a stool in the sunshine.
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