House of Anubis: the Secret Club of the Old Willow & the Secret of the Tomb (bundle)

Nina Martin is new in the House of Anubis, but she'd prefer to go away from it immediately. The residents of the orphan are mean and try to bully her away. To become a part of the group, Nina must go to the forbidden loft of the house. There she discovers a big secret. Nina is determined to solve the eighty years old mystery. And that's something she perhaps better shouldn't do...
NOTES: I did not write this story myself, I translated the Dutch books of "House of Anubis". Please excuse me if I made mistakes, I'm not a pro translator. / The Dutch characters Rufus Malpied and Zeno Terpstra were split into one character in the English remake. So Rufus and Zeno are two different characters. / In the Dutch version Mara leaves in the 3rd book and is replaced by another girl named Noa.


15. The eye of Horus

The Club had been so busy the last few dags with preparings for the musical, that they had completely no time to think about the secret in the house, the riddle they still had to solve, the eye of Horus or whatever.
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