I warned you

Julie is a young girl she is 14 years. her father has abused her since her Mother died but there was no one who believed her. one day her father got really mad at her and hit her as hard as he could. Julie had enough of him and flees from home she runs down a road and then she runs into some boys .. what will happen? read this story and find out!


6. The Boys


I could not believe what I heard he said, the hell it was his daughter. I looked at Harry and he was also shocked. '' I think I'll call the boys'' I could see that Julie was depressed and scared, and Harry and I could not cope even certain he would find her. I went out into the corridor and Harry was in the living room by her. I took my phone and called Zayn, ''Vas Happening'' he said as he took the phone'' Hey Zayn, come home to me and take the other boys with you, Harry is already here'''' yes but why'' he asked '' I tell you that when you are here but hurry it is important'' hmm ok we are on the way he said and ended the call. I went into the room to Julie and Harry and said they were on their way. Julie looked confused and asked who is coming?,'' the boys'' I said and I could see she didn't understand anything of what I was talking about, suddenly It came out on my mind that we hadn't told her that we were in a band with 3 other boys and looked at Harry he knew what I was thinking on, and he nodded and said'' tell her'' I nodded and said,'' Julie the boys that are coming are included in our band called One Direction'' and smiled at her she still looked confused, but then she began to smile and said,'' that's why I think I had seen you before.'' the boys came running into the doors and into the livingroom were we sat and asked'' what is it, what's wrong why should we get as fast as we could to you'' they looked questioningly so I said'' we need your help, to something ''now they all looked confused'' this is Julie'' I said, pointing over at her, she smiled at the boys and me,'' her father, also named Bob is after her he's looking for her, I hesitated then asked Zayn'' why, how can we help?'' I told them everything we had heard in the phone call and what she had told us, the boys looked shocked but they said'' okay we will help, but what if he finds her, Julie owns your father I mean Bob some guns or something?'' Julie looked up with wide eyes and nodded she said with a voice that shook '' yes he has some guns and knives'' I could see that she had tears in her eyes and then she again said something'' when I was 12 years old he tried to kill me by shooting me in the leg but I survived even though I lost a lot of blood'' the boys were shocked I could see at them.


the boys were shocked by what I said about Bob tried to kill me when I was 12, but I told them so they knew what he could do. I could feel the boys looked at me, and one of them walked over to me and said'' we'll make sure he don't do anything'' I looked up at a black-haired boy and smiled at him and said'' thanks'' suddenly one of them said'' oh we forgot to introduce us my name is Liam, this is Louis, and he who sits next to you is Zayn'' Liam said'' hmm my name is Julie'' I said and smiled, Zayn smiled and said'' it's a beautiful name'' I looked at him and smiled.

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