I warned you

Julie is a young girl she is 14 years. her father has abused her since her Mother died but there was no one who believed her. one day her father got really mad at her and hit her as hard as he could. Julie had enough of him and flees from home she runs down a road and then she runs into some boys .. what will happen? read this story and find out! - PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS MY FIRST STORY AND I AM NOT VERY GOOD AT ENGLISH BUT ANYWAYS TELL ME WHAT U THINK ABOUT IT ~Lærke (yup danish name) ;)


7. Second phone call from Bob



I sat on the couch with the other boys and responded to their questions, but suddenly my phone rang again, it was hidden number and knew it was Bob but I was not the only one who knew it was him,'' set it to speaker so that we can hear what he is saying'' Harry and Niall said, the other boys (Liam, Louis, Zayn) looked a little confused but said the same thing. I put it to the speaker and the first thing he said was'' Hey sluttie I'm looking for you and I had got a clue just so you know, I just took my gun and knife with me if you were thinking of something stupid when I find you Julie you can not hide from me, I will find you HA you're dumber than your mother was before I killed her, now it's your turn'' the other boys sat and listened but suddenly I could feel that there was someone who looked at me, I just also noticed that I had tears in my eyes. I had many thoughts right at that moment but the thought that constantly drove around in my head was that he just said that he killed my mother, suddenly Zayn my phone and said,'' Listen what the hell is wrong with you it's your daughter you threaten'''' I don't care if she is my daughter she should suffer for what she has done'' said the phone and then he ended the call.  


fuck I've never been more angry than I was now, it was his daughter he threatened, but what did he mean by that she should suffer for what she had done, what could she had done him since he would kill her.     

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