I warned you

Julie is a young girl she is 14 years. her father has abused her since her Mother died but there was no one who believed her. one day her father got really mad at her and hit her as hard as he could. Julie had enough of him and flees from home she runs down a road and then she runs into some boys .. what will happen? read this story and find out!


8. Oh no Bob!!!


after I ended the call, I sat and thought about the other voice who was on the phone, it was not her voice that was a boy voice, I turned on the TV and it was something about a boy band which was called One Direction, I wanted to change channel when the interviewer asked one of the boys about something suddenly I recognized the boy's voice'' Ha if she is with them she can't hide anymore, I said in a loud laughter I just needed to remember how the boys looked but it would be no problem if there is always papparazi's after them so I knew where they were .. oh god they were going to sing now'' oh shut up'' i yelled and changed the channel. the next channel I saw is also about them but there were pictures of 3 of the boys who had driven down to a house'' Hey I know where the house is located'' I said and ran out to my car'' Julie you better pray '' I said out loud and drove to the house. i was almost there.


the boys sat and looked at me, they wondered sure of what I had done him since he was so mad at me actually I wondered the same thing. Zayn raised an eyebrow and said,'' Julie why are he calling you a slut all the time, is there anything you haven't told us'' he sat with a cheeky smile and the other boys started laughing'' Zayn I'm not in that humor right now'' I said,'' Okay Okay calm hottie'' he said with a resolute smile. Zayn sat with my phone and looked through my text messages but I didn't care. then he said,'' Hey Julie you have a new message he hesitated then he said, it is from Bob, he read it'' Hey Julie your slut .... (when he said slut he raised an eyebrow and laughed a little then he countuned) I know where you are and I am on the way to the house were you are staying'' '' what wait what'' I yelled it exactly into Zayn's ear'' ouw'' he said,'' Okay this is the last time I ask you why he calls you a slut'' the boys laughed at Zayn's REACT to I shouted in his ear'' boys be seriously he knows where I am I hesitated I'm actually afraid of him if it not dawned on you yet'''' yes take it easy'' Zayn said'' I am sure that he has taken the wrong of the houses they look like almost all other'' Louis said ''yeah maybe you are rigth'' i said then i looked out of the window and saw a white car drove into the driveway ''oh fuck'' i said ''master your words young lady'' Zayn said with a little laugh.


i was still wondering why her dad called her slut, i know that she maybe couldn't see the funny in it but i could, well anyways suddenly she said oh fuck ''master your words young lady'' i said to her but couldn't stop laughing' so I thought that since she came with such words, so perhaps it would be a reason that her father calls her a slut, I tried not to laugh at the thougth so I just sat with my sexy smile yes I know that I am a little smug but hey there is also a reason for it. 


i looked out of the window and got scared ''oh shit there's Bob'' i yelled ''and no i'm not going to master my words'' i yelled to Zayn who raised and eyebrow and sat with his cheeky smile... 


-what is going to happend next? if you have some ideas then write them in comments and tell me what you think of it until now Lark- ;)

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