I warned you

Julie is a young girl she is 14 years. her father has abused her since her Mother died but there was no one who believed her. one day her father got really mad at her and hit her as hard as he could. Julie had enough of him and flees from home she runs down a road and then she runs into some boys .. what will happen? read this story and find out!


2. Harry and Niall


my feet hurt and I could hardly more. I kept a little break, and turned around to see if he still was behind me, he was. '' oh god'' I said and started to run again. I had so much pain in the foot, that I began to cry while I ran. I didn't see where I ran but I got to run into some people I looked up and saw that I had run into, 2 boys, and I think that I had seen them before but where?

it was a boy who had curly hair, and the other boy had blond hair. they looked at me and the blonde asked me'' Hey what's wrong why are you running and crying'''' it is .. I hesitated, and turned around to see if he still was following me, but I couldn't see him'' there is a named Bob who is after me'' boys hesitated and then asked both of them,'' why is he after you?'' I didn't want to tell the whole story and just said'' it's a long story'' so said the blond boy'' long story short,'' he looked at me with his blue eyes ''come tell us why he's after you'' I hesitated and then I told them the whole story even though they probably just wanted the short version. they were Shocked and said to me,'' since you do not have anywhere to go so join us'' I nodded but was a little unsure. I went with them but my foot did hurt more than before so I started to cry a lot more this time. The boys asked if I was ok but told them what had happened with my foot and I could not go on without it hurt, so the blonde boy carried me over to the curled boy car.    


 I was shocked, I did not know what to say but I could see that Harry was also shocked. we went home to me I told her that she could stay with me until it was over when I said I could see that she smiled a little. I showed her guest room. I could not stop looking at her, she had some of the most beautiful eyes I ever had seen. I looked over to Harry, and could see that he was sitting and also looked at her, I could see that there was something about her that Harry liked. '' wait, we have not introduced yet another'' I said,'' my name is Niall, and this is Harry'' I said and looked over at Harry and smiled. '' What is your name?'' I asked her'' Julie'' she said. '' wow that's a beautiful name i said and smiled'''' thank u'' she said. I could feel Harry looked at me, I knew why and stopped two look to here,'' Okay certain there is something so just call on us ok? I need to talk to Harry'' I said. Harry so confused out. we walked out of the guest room and into the corridor.     


  why would Niall talk to me? I was very confused but I just went with Niall because Julie looked tired. '' What's wrong?'' I asked Niall looked at me with a strange smile. '' hmm Harry u like here'' he asked me'' ehm Niall why are you asking me that?'''' I can see it in the way you look at her, I just want to know if it's true'' '' hmm ok yes I like her but not in the way that you think'' Niall looks confused me'' how to'' he asks me'' hmm it's hard to explain'' Niall smiles again with the strange smile'' Niall stop it!!'' I said,'' you do not think that I like her, do you? I just think she's beautiful ... WAIT now I know why you ask me about it'' I said, and laughed a little'' it is you who like her'' I said,'' WHAT NO NO, I ... I just think she is beautiful'''' HAHA u like here?'' I said laughing and could see that Niall began to blush ..    

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