I warned you

Julie is a young girl she is 14 years. her father has abused her since her Mother died but there was no one who believed her. one day her father got really mad at her and hit her as hard as he could. Julie had enough of him and flees from home she runs down a road and then she runs into some boys .. what will happen? read this story and find out! - PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS MY FIRST STORY AND I AM NOT VERY GOOD AT ENGLISH BUT ANYWAYS TELL ME WHAT U THINK ABOUT IT ~Lærke (yup danish name) ;)


9. don't do it


before I knew it was bob inside the room with an evil smile, the boys had pulled me behind them,'' Julie refugee'' Louis said as I ran into Niall's room with the boys after me, they locked the door and we could hear that Bob came closer, suddenly there was someone who took the handle'' Julie lock up your slut'' Bob said, but this time without Zayn raised his eyebrow, he had probably first discovered how serious it was now.



''Julie open the door your slut'' but she didn't.'' If you don't open the door and come with me I have to pick you up'' there was still no answer but they were still there, I could hear some go around and talk about what they should do. I walked back out and ran into the door but it did not work so I tried again'' Julie I'm coming to get you now'' I said when I went back again, and ran into the door as it opened.




I turned around and saw that Bob had come into the room even though we had locked the door without thinking about what I said, I came to say really high'' You just ruined my door now you must pay for a new one'' he just laughed and walked over to Julie, I knew it was a stupid time point to say something like that, but he made me so mad. '' don't touch her,'' I heard one say and turned around when I saw Harry standing with a fist and red in the face of anger. Bob laughed just and proceeded towards Julie now I saw that he took a knife out, and began to panic because I didn't know what to do, I saw that the boys had also seen that he took out a knife because they had also panic. He went behind her and stood arm around her with the knife pressed against her throat'' Don't do it'' Harry shouted but Bob just laughed and pressed the knife harder against her throat.

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