The horrors seen by Jason McMalone

When Jason's mother gets worried about Jason because he is not himself lately, She brings him to a therapist. Jason sees this as an opportunity to rid himself of all the horrors he has done and seen.


1. Nightmare

I was running. Of course I was running. The blood covered horde of zombies behind me were gaining fast.I panicked and ran. The Horde only got faster, but i was slowing down. I saw a branch, then I saw another. 'I could climb tree to tree instead of on the ground' I thought. So I sprinted faster and jumped, using the boulder in front of it because it was a good 6 meters off the ground. My hand slipped but the other one caught the branch. I pulled my self up carefully, not wanting the branch to give way and jumped to a thicker, stronger branch. The horde stopped and tried to climb the tree. ''No'' I whispered. A loud groan from the tree broke the surface. It was going to go down. I jumped to another tree, then to another until I was 18 meters off the ground. I never had a height problem but with a pile of red, silky blood on the faces of these ex-humans, I see how one could develop a fear.
                                             Just then, out of nowhere, a check out girl from Tesco appeared. ''You order the Tesco hot food?''  she asked oblivious to the horde. The horde saw her though.  They ran at her, full speed. She screamed as they ate her flesh. She screamed louder as her skull was dislocated from her shoulders. She screamed no more after that. Then, the zombies left and I thought I was in the clear until a flash of pain hit my neck ''Ahhh!'' I screamed out. ''Feisty human, calm, I cant get your blood with you flailing around like that!'' The Vampire hissed. I looked down conveniently and there was an ax  I picked it up and swung it behind me with force to me that was unknown. The Vampire hissed in pain. I swung again and again until the creature was lifeless, just a pile of blood and  chunks of flesh.
                                                                                                  Then, I fell. Hard. Right on the girl that used to be. I looked at the remaining parts of her face. She was beautiful. Not now. I tried getting up, realizing the broken arm and both broken legs. ''Ahh!" I cried out in pain. Suddenly Fear ripped through my heart. 


As big as a bus. It prowled through the trees for its next meal. 'Oh no' I thought. It set its eyes on me and ran at full speed. It overstepped and landed on my un-broken arm. ''Ahhh!" I screamed. The Were-wolf looked at me. It growled as if it was smiling and pounced
                                                                                                                              ''Jason, JASON! JASON WAKE UP! Honey this isn't funny!'' My mom screamed at me. I awoke with a jolt. I was covered in sweat. ''Jason Baby are you okay?'' My mom cried. ''What happened?'' I asked. ''Well honey, you were screaming in your sleep, What happened?''

I shuddered

''Lets not talk about it''

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