The Endless LOVE For You

hey guys ! this is my first movella so i know some people are gonna HATE this but i don't care cuz' i'm just having fun writing !


2. Will you go out with me ?

Liam's P.O.V :

"don't worry i won't tell harry anything " i said " you better not " niall said . then we go to the coffee shop and find her sitting in a corner crying . Niall gets up to her but i push him back down and tell him :" don't worry i will take care of this after all this is all my  fault " i go to her and say : "don't be ashamed because you were going to .....kiss...niall and i interrupted you " " like it's gonna make me feel better" she said i got up dragged her with me to the table where niall is sitting and make a signal to everyone to go but before i do i whisper to them:" we have 15 min and then we gotta go to the concert ok ?"

Clara's P.O.V :

we are here ... alone ... so niall said : "i think we can continue that kiss we started ?" he leaned and kissed me sparks go through my tummy it's like there is no one in the entire world except him and me my thoughts were interrupted by harry - it was the best minute of my life he came in and said :" so niall she's in good hands right ?" we let of off each other's mouth and i start explaining : "look big cous i know that u need a ride to the concert so why don't i explain it to you in the car and no punching NINI okay ?" " NINI ?" he said laughing . " hey it's MY nickname got find yours " i say in an adorable accent .we all laugh but then harry stopped and glanced at niall so i dragged my NINI close to me so that harry won't approche at him. his irish accent makes me wanna kiss those hunky lips of his but i stay calm and quiet . 


" so Clara , can you give me an explanation ?" harry smirked evily at niall . i start :" harry i'm a woman now i'm turning 18 and i don't need your surveillance any m... " i stopped when i saw harry making eye contact with Rebecca MY Rebecca . " so let me go and love whoever i want cuz im free now and besides i think you are starting to flirt with Rebecca " zayn and louis stop and ask us what are we talking about so Liam who can never hold anything to him spills :" NIALL AND CLARA ARE KISSING AND REBECCA AND HARRY ARE FLIRTING !!! there i said it " " what ???????" say louis and zayn . "SUPRISE !! "we all say to them . " and you forgot that i'm dating niall and he's dating Rebecca so we all have dates except for ...liam ... we need to find you a GF !"

so we all get back to our convos and i continued my kiss with niall that harry interrupted

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