The Endless LOVE For You

hey guys ! this is my first movella so i know some people are gonna HATE this but i don't care cuz' i'm just having fun writing !


5. who is number 126 ?

zayn's P.O.V :

louis :" so who is the number 126 ? because if no one is the number 126 , we will choose a random fan from the crowd that ISN'T VIP ."

a stranger came on stage and said :" i'm number 126 "

liam :" danielle is that you ? is that really you ?" 

crowd :" oooooohhhh "

danielle :"..."

the whole room was quiet and no one dared to break the ackward silence but the hary said :" good night everybody"

niall :" but first not all of those girls are going with us . they are gonna do a challenge tomorrow at 8:00 am at the beach and we will see the last 2 girls standing . bye and good luck . fyuuu i need a nap and ... "

"... NANDOS !!! ..." we all said in joy .

this time i drove the car to the hotel with the boys Clara and Danny but Rebecca was in another car with harry cuz' we couldn't fit in the car .we got to nandos but we couldn't find a big table so Clara , Niall or shall i say NINI , Danielle and Liam were on the same table and me and  Louis were on a table but harry wants a table just for him and Katy so we all agreed . 

Niall's P.O.V : 

we sat on a table with liam and danielle - i could 't believe that she came back for him just to make his life more miserable. all thought he is staring at my girlfriend .we need to  find him one so he would just back off . when we all finished - i was the first - i drove us all to the hotel me and the boys in one room and the girls in another. i wanted to be in same room as Clara so i asked for another and payed for it . i called Clara but she wouldn't answer so i thought she was busy with the girls so i unpacked in my new room and waited for her to pick up her phone.


Clara's P.O.V : 

i staired at the room for like 10 minutes but then came danielle she told me :" you better back off my man i know it's you i know that you are the mistery ex-girlfriend i know all of your little scam . " " i don't like liam i'm with niall don't you get it ? " i said ." i know the way you look at him so just back off " she slapped me hard and left a red mark on my cheek but then stepped in niall he asked what happened i didn't answer . he dragged me outside and i told him everything and he just got angrier and angrier minute by minute . i calmed him down . and he told me about the room and that it's better if we left danielle in a room alone and get Rebecca in the same room with Harry . so i agreed and brought my luggage down at the suite . it has a jaccuzi and a pool inside so we got drinks and stepped in the jaccuzi and talked the whole night long . i got tired and decided to go to bed i fell quickly asleep while Niall was eating fruits in front of the telly .let's hope that tomorrow we don't get big problems like danielle getting madder and madder!!!!

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