The Endless LOVE For You

hey guys ! this is my first movella so i know some people are gonna HATE this but i don't care cuz' i'm just having fun writing !


7. the explanation

Clara's P.O.V :

Niall stood there , he freezed in place like i tried to wake him up but he couldn't . I finally slapped him so he woke up. 'what do you mean by again ?" he said . " look Niall i need to tell you something , i have been so over protective to Clara because she had her heart broken before by ..." harry said but he couldn't finish his sentence . "by who ?"  "BY LIAM" i just yelled it seemed like the whole building heard and i was right because Liam came here running because he heard his name . " what were you saying about me ?"  "NONE OF YOUR BUISNESS "i said and putted my hands over my face because the two boys that broke my heart are right in front of me looking at me for a long time . when finally my hero came harry just snapped them of it and said " Liam let them have privacy and tell the others not to bother them . i just i couldn't look right at him i couldn't . but hearing his voice made me angry and happy at the same time i don't know what to feel now should i be worried and run away or should i trust him and hear the explanation ? i decide to hear it to see if he didn't hurt me on purpose . he sat next to me on the floor and whispered in my ear :" i'll explaine the whole thing later okay ? do you trust me ?look i know you have been going through a LOT of tragedies and breakups but you need to trust me on this one because i would never hurt you on purpose " i just nodded he grabbed my hand and dragged me to ... STARBUCKS ? i mean he couldn't stay without eating just to explaine to me what is going on ? but then i realised that we weren't at any starbucks but we were at the place where we first met . he drove to the parking lot stopped the car but didn't move he looked at me with his ocean blue eyes . he began look ," you know that i dated a lot of girls before you and i mean A LOT but i never felt this way about anyone and this kiss between me and danielle was nuthing she pulled me in her room and kissed me i tried to pull away but she puched me down to my knees and kissed harder because she knee that you were going to be upset and break up with me and think that i cheated on you just like she did with liam "   " she did this with liam too ?"  " i'm not sure but something like that and i hope you forgive me because i didn't mean t- " i cutted him with a kiss i knew he wouldn't lie to me or cheat on me . " i'm starving can we go ?" i said  " are you really asking ? you already know my answer and i need to tell you that i bought us an apartment in Ireland !"  " yeah ! but what about the challenge ? " i said " don't worry i called Paul we are kicking danielle out and we are going to say that you and katy won the challenge "  i felt so relieved most of all because i'm gonna live with the man of my dreams . especially in a 3 floor house with 5 bathrooms 6 bedrooms a sauna a jacuzzi a pool and the gym floor . life sweet sweet life 

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