The Endless LOVE For You

hey guys ! this is my first movella so i know some people are gonna HATE this but i don't care cuz' i'm just having fun writing !


1. Meeting


Clara's P.O.V :

i just woke up exited because today i'm going to a one direction concert VIP places . i took a shower , put on my clothes , comb my hair , brush my teeth ... i got down stairs when i saw my BFF already dressed and ready to go shopping before the concert . i ate my breakfast brought money and got in the car . we stopped at the mall : i saw this PERFECT dress with PERFECT matching shoes so i look at the price and see that it costs 500 $ each so i just got to another shop and bought skinny jeans with a beautiful ruffle purple top and a pair of purple high tops . my BFF rebecca  bought the same clothes but in blue. so on our way back , we saw this shop just for one direction stuff so we got in and guess who we saw their manager Paul . we found one direction phone cases and one direction shirts and other one direction stuff ... we got to the cashier and payed then , we got closer to Paul the manager and asked him where are they . 

Paul's P.O.V : 

i just saw two girls asking me where are the boys of one direction so i said :" i'm sorry but i'm not allowed to tell you .but there is a concert tonight and there is three more tickets for the regular standing . "    "no , no , we already bought VIP places for the concert tonight and i think those three girls are about to buy those tickets but thanks anyway ." said the one with blue clothes and glasses . then i replied : " oh then i think tonight is your lucky night " " and why is that ?" said the other one   " because this is the special concert that they we're talking about on their twitcam tonight 3 lucky VIP girls are going to win a whole week hanging with one direction and you'll get to stay with them in them same hotel may i see your tickets ma'am?" i said . she handed them over to me and i saw that those two tickets are two of the three lucky winner tickets . so i told them that they are two of three lucky girls so they started jumping around holding hands and screaming :" we are going to meet one direction and live with them for one week !!! " we said our goodbyes and i told them where to go after the concert and all of those stuff . i started thinking how do they know about me being one direction's manager ? but my thoughts were interrupted when my phone rang . i answered : it was liam james payne . "hello ? Liam ? where are you ? is everything alright ?' i said .     then he said " um yes everything's fine but the concert is gonna be longer this time cuz' we are going to get the three lucky winners on stage and sing to them and other surprises okay ?" "okay" then he hung up and i drove to the place where the concert is going to happen . i knocked on their dressing rooms but no one was there then i opened the door and i found it empty i tried to call but no one answered : weird i said to myself . 


Katy's P.O.V :

we got home got dressed and  prepared and all . we were ready to go " hey Clara , i'm ready and you ?"   the she replied " um i'll be here in a while i need 5 more mins and i'll be finished with the packing . can you go and tell our parents about this ? the whole lucky winners thing " ' okay " . 


so i was driving because Clara was wearing high heels and she cannot drive in high heels for some reason. anyway there was a red light so we stopped the car then we saw 5 boys coming closer to our car (well my car ) i opened the window so i can see them they were wearing glasses and hoodies so we couldn't see their face clearly. 


Clara's P.O.V :

there was those 5 boys walking closer to us . then there is this boy with curly brown hair - who kinda remind me of my cousin- who starts talking in his british accent . i could recognise that voice everywhere it's my cousin harry from one direction i haven't seen him since he auditioned for the x factor." harry ?"  " little cous ?"  he said " hey Clara i haven't seen you in a while it's been 2.5 years ?"

" has it been that much ? " i said . " do you know her ?' said a cute irish accent : niall james horan i knew it was him . " yeah we are cousins ' said harry " so do you want something besides stopping at starbucks wich is right behind you ? well im not sure if YOU wanna go there but i'm sure niall would love to eat some "i said " well i will talk to you there " said harry " ok let us just park the car and we will meet you there " i replied "um let ME park the car with you Clara , um rebecca you can go with them " "ok" i said


Niall's P.O.V : 

i never saw so much beauty in one person . i asked to help and she said ok before i could finish my phrase . katy got out of the car and i were gonna go in but harry dragged me in a corner and told me :" if you do anything and i mean ANYTHING i WILL kill you ok ? she is very sensitive for you to play with her like a doll do you understand ?" "yeah of course and who do you think i am ? i mean i asked to help her before eating . it's the first time i liked a girl more than food so don't worry she's in good hands " i said " okay i trust you a 100% " he said and then he walked to the coffee shop. i got into the car and drove to the parking lot. then i found a spot and parked the car . " so can i call you nialler ?" she said breaking the akward silence beacuse she was staring at me the whole time  like a statue . " yeah sure everyone calls me that " " so i will find a unique nickname for you like ...... NINI " she said . i laughed and i said yeah why not . we were leaning to kiss when liam came so we got up and hit our heads with the ceiling of the car ."what are you doing ? " said liam . " none of your buisness " i reply then Clara said that she is going to the bathroom . "niall you heard what harry said you shouldn't be dating or kissing that girl " said liam. " you chased that girl away . 


























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