The Endless LOVE For You

hey guys ! this is my first movella so i know some people are gonna HATE this but i don't care cuz' i'm just having fun writing !


8. Girlfriend

Harry's P.O.V :

I fancy Rebecca I think I'm gonna ask her to be my GF  (  girlfriend ) . My back hurts because I played football with Josh and NI and LI and Darven and fell on my back so i got to the doc's clinic and he brought me cream but i was home alone and I didn't have anyone to rub it on my back so i just left it there lying on my bed . Now back to " The Lady " she is my angel , my soul mate , my ... everything ... i couldn't live without her i mean normally i'm a one night stand kinda guy but this girl ... there is sumthin' 'bout this girl that turns me one more than the other ladies i've met and they didn't care 'bout feelings they just wanted to fuck the famous Harry Styles but her she makes me a normal guy going out with a normal - i mean beautiful and hot - girl . Speaking of angel Rebecca walk into the living room looking at me like I did sumthin' akward or wrong but that was when i realized i was half naked just a towel on my waist that's all so rushed into the bathroom and slipped on some suit to look good for " The Lady " .i got out but i didn't find her .

Rebecca's P.O.V :


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