The Endless LOVE For You

hey guys ! this is my first movella so i know some people are gonna HATE this but i don't care cuz' i'm just having fun writing !


4. Declaring my love for you

Liam's P.O.V :

i couldn't tell them why i was said . i mean i could never keep anything to myself but i'm going to shut up this time because i don't want to get in a fight with niall. i mean i wanna confess my love to Clara but not after i dumped her for danny and i to get back and we didn't actually ..... let's get back to reality because i'm on stage thinking and the spotlight is on me and everyone is waiting for me answer but i don't even know the question .

me : what ?

zayn : they just asked you now that you and danielle broke up and now that you and your mistery GF broke up too who do you fancy ?

harry : i'm seeing someone blushing 

harry said smirking in happiness and suspence . i just stood there looking for Clara. i knew they had the tickets so i just wanna see her. so i said "ok and now the moment you've been all waiting for ...... drum roll please ...... drrrrrrrrrrrr tang the lucky winner tickets !!!!! please number 123 124 126 come here . clara and her friend katy ( our nickname for her it's short for rebecca ) came to the stage so i kept looking at her and niall glanced evily at me so i turned away.

louis: so we have number 123 and 124 here but where is the number 126?


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