Starlight heaven.

Sammi loves the sky, watches it everyday.Wishes everyday. But becarefull what you wish for..


2. Star of stars.

"Did you see him sammie?" 

"you know i did" She was amazed all she ever wanted in a guy, thelooks personality. Well it so happenes her dreams are called Ryan and go to her new school. Hes a new studant. Everyone adoors him. As she walked past him today he smiled at her.

"oh hey Sammie, im Ryan. Im new here" She coulnt speak, she was breathtaken. She just nooded as to say of corse i know who you are. "would you like to get a coke together or something". And he was askng her out "sure."

Everything went great. he laughed and it was Epic, then the sun came up and reality set it. But she was blind, spellbound. She could not see his evil side. 

As she looked up into the night sky, her star dissapeared. As if it came down in the shooting star, and became Ryan. Her lover, and now her boyfriend.

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