Starlight heaven.

Sammi loves the sky, watches it everyday.Wishes everyday. But becarefull what you wish for..


1. Heaven speaks

She loved the night sky, adored it. Watching and wishing, wishing and watching. She would do this when she had a problem on her. It would help her, for seconds. It never lasted. She would count each and everyone one. Her favourate was the big and bright one, it  was her star, heaven made it for her.

That night Sammie got home, she was scared. Her mum had this red eye look thing, he was terrifyed, Sammi needed someone, someone to help her. Get her through he rough times. But who. When she looked up into the sky, she saw a shooting star, she knew what to wish for, yet heir was a small voice "Do it Sammie, do it...."

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