The Unfagetable

It's about when a family moves into the house but what they doen't know is that the house is build on top of a graveyard.Then strange things start to happen at night and that's when things go rong cause something happens to the family.


1. The new house

''Dear get the bags out of the car for me now''why do I have to do it''just get the bags out of the car''OK mother''As she went to get the bags from the car and came back a sudden knock was at the door mum said to me ''can you get that''so I did but as soon as I opened the door there was no one there so I just slammed the door behind me not knowing who was at the door.As I strolled up the stairs and through the passage I noticed a shadow in one of the rooms shaped like a person but the strange thing was that there was know one in the room I blinked 3 x and it dissapeard I thought I was just imagining stuff so I carried on walking. As I got to the room where my mum was in.In the night I heard some scratching noise coming from the door I quickly hid under my bed cover then the noise stopped with no one awake I quickly ran into my mum's and dad's room but they was not there I thought what ever was out there took my parent's. I slowly opened the door to see if it was still there I took one little peek and saw my mum and dad standing in the middle of the passage. The next day I told them what happened but they didn't believe me but that day I knew something was wrong.


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